The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 155

Linrodeth's Temples, Witanmoot and Citadel are still struggling to explain the incredible omen which Linrodeth received at Dragonfeast. Whilst everyone agrees that it was a good omen, accurate interpretation beyond that has been erratic. At exactly midday on Dragonfeast, the dark overcast skies were pieced by a bright column of light which leapt up from the area of Berewic and spread out in a ring which illuminated the centre of the city. Once the light had died down, clouds eventually cleared and the afternoon was bathed in warmth and sunlight. The Citadel has so far resisted the temptation to declare that Linrodeth is about to become "the centre of light clearing away the darkness of Resh", but a number of temples, in particular the Hahnites, have been much less reticent. The Witanmoot itself seems more pre-occupied with tracking down the source of the "magic” and hard questions are being asked of the actors who staged the play "The Demon of Berwick" which culminated at the same time as the omen occurred and which took place in the same location as the centre of the light. The Bards College has requested that the area be sealed off and is refusing to comment on rumours of a secret chamber beneath the stage. Whilst completely overshadowed (if that's the right word) by mystical events, both the Midsummer Fair and subsequent Dragonfeast were a great success.

The play itself has generated significant controversy with its "revelation” that the famed Battle of Berewic was in fact staged by Aralan Derwent to further her political career. Further fuelling the political furore over this, the Chronicle has been able to learn that it was the already controversial Witanmoot Investigation Agency that both sponsored and co-wrote the play. Just why the agency would be involved in an attempt to re-write political history, and assassinate the character of the now Countess Derwent, is unclear and raises further questions about what really went on at Dragonfeast. A furious Alderman William Trueman is demanding to know who approved the budget and has raised an urgent motion to "Bring the agency under control".

Further naval action has taken place between ships of our navy and warships from Zedigal at the blockade of Salvoyn. A formal embassy from the city state has arrived at the Citadel to protest at the blockade and its interference with trade in general and their ships in particular. The envoys are reported to have been in an uncompromising mood and fears are being raised that the powerful city state may launch an all-out attack on our forces. Whilst discussions are still continuing, Princess Selina has raised the stakes by authorising the Navy of Linrodeth to take "all actions necessary to defeat those offering support or aid to our enemies".

The Midsummer sheriffs' elections resulted in the appointment of Nicholas Bowden and Olivia Warin to the office. Mary Hastings, whilst clearly disappointed to have lost her chance at lordship, appeared genuine in welcoming back Bowden, "whose experience in the role of sheriff," she declared, "was clearly needed in these difficult times." Samuel Kutler, Maureen Quiller and Lyndon Skate (the latter a strong supporter of Bowden within the ward) have all been proposed as the replacement Aldermen.

To add to Princess Selina's already fraught schedule, Duke Alexander of Cascorach has ridden in at speed with a small but veteran troop of household knights. Going directly to the Citadel, the Duke is understood to have obtained an immediate private interview with Her Highness, followed by a lengthy and much less private search to find suitable accommodations for his retinue. His Grace is believed to now be residing in the Manticore Tower.