The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 152

The search for the stolen crown jewels has hotted up this month with several dawn raids made by the city guards. A number of "likely suspects" have been rounded up from the less salubrious corners of the city, and premises searched with startling thoroughness. Although this has resulted in a quite amazing range of unlikely goods being confiscated, and a number of arrests, no trace of the state gems can be found. Wild speculation that this is a Goldsmiths conspiracy against the Kerunian bankers at the Citadel have been vigorously denied, and indeed a number of goldsmith families have been keen to present Her Highness with a range of replacement jewellery. The Chroniclers note that Lady Andrews is keeping the Witanmoot regalia under particular close guard.

The aggressive methods of the city guard were raised in Witanmoot later in the month by Cllr Marcus Lambourne. After raising a number of technical points about the due process of Law and Order, the councillor was clearly disappointed by the "I'll get back to you on that one" replies from Alderman Mary Hastings. Lambourne's comment that, "Well, I'm sure it's just an oversight further down the chain of command and, now you know about it, you can take steps..." clearly signals his intention to pursue the Law & Order committee further on this matter.

Fallout from the farce that was the Midsummer Muster continues to dog Sheriff Bowden. What should have been a wonderful display of the city's might turned into a rout as orders were misinterpreted and entire sections of the 'army' marched off in apparently random directions. Eventually things were brought under control by the intervention of the city guard. But it would appear that somehow in the last few months the city has forgotten how to fight, or indeed march. Princess Selina is rumoured to be less than impressed and suggestions are circulating about possible conscription and compulsory training. On the other hand, attendance continues to grow at the Fairground and there are hopes that it may yet return to its pre-war size and prosperity.

North Shore continues to attract unprecedented attention from city officials this month with continued surveys, land purchases and new pilings being driven in along the banks. Two of the smaller shipbuilders below the bridge have decided to merge their yards in the hope of attracting one of the lucrative Consortium contracts for the new ships. The combined business of Thomsons Yards and Yate's Wherry Wharf may well succeed, but clearly against the bitter opposition of Old Man Yates who has now retired permanently to the Ragged Bear Inn. Officials remain curiously silent about the ongoing sweetwater project, but "a statement" has been promised soon.

Alderman Petro Cutario has pulled off a major coup with both Sheriff Jenny Davy and Alderman Richard Saunders joining his faction this month. Sheriff Davy expressed strong support for Cutario's focus on creating wealth and security for the city and Alderman Saunders backed this up by waxing lyrical about the skill with which Cutario was orchestrating the North Shore developments. Cynics have pointed out that both Davy and Saunders need to get close to Cutario to protect their interests in Bridge Ward. Some factions in the Witanmoot have also commented on the elitist nature of the Cutario faction with its concentration on the Aldermanic Court. However this does not detract from the fact that Cutario has just displaced Bottler as the second most powerful force in the Witanmoot.

Alderman Alan Monterey has stoutly supported Bridge Ward's bid for the Sweetwater project. In reply to last month's attack by Cllr Phillip Candever, Monterey commented; "Alderman Saunders, as everyone who has any practical experience of this project agrees, is doing an excellent job of dealing with the situation as it is. Grand ideas are all very well, but we live in a world that does not see fit to conform to those ideas. Furthermore, if Cllr Candever's wells are foul and polluted, perhaps he should have lined his cesspit properly." Cllr Candever has responded with a carefully crafted analysis of the benefits to the citizens and the expenditure required. He asked pointedly why the city was spending more on water for Bridge than Bridge itself gave the city in taxes this year?