The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 149

Prince Edwin has unexpectedly joined Princess Selina in her new residence at the Citadel. The prince, who will be formally welcomed to the City at a Royal Banquet next week, seems to have been resident at a 'safe location' outside of the city for some time. The prince is reported to be delighted to have returned to the city and he has already paid one unofficial visit to see old friends at the Bards College. Keen court observers have noted that it is Princess Selina's colours which still fly over the Citadel and this is being interpreted by many as an indication that Edwin will not make a play for the crown himself. The views of the prince regarding the death of his father are still unknown although it is rumoured he supports the claim of his sister Eleanor. The prince's arrival at the Citadel is a clear indication that Princess Selina now feels secure in her power and may be preparing to take sides. The civil war has taken a new turn with the announcement of the birth of Prince Edmund to King Edward and Queen Kybele. The child was born on the fourthday, secondweek of Heliora at what is being described by the astrologers as a highly auspicious time. Both mother and child are doing well and King Edward is reported to be "delighted that the royal line is assured of continuance". King Kieran still remains unmarried and this birth is likely to weaken his political position.

In what is being seen as a draconian response to the election of Jenny Davy, General Olvini has announced a major reorganisation of the City defences. The polizei has been disbanded and merged with a regiment of the army to create a new Linrodeth City Guard. The Guards are lead by the newly promoted Colonel Aldridge who will report directly to the General. All responsibility for military matters has been removed from the Sheriffs, the Witanmoot and the elected structures. The General told the Chronicle,"Athion faces many years of unrest and civil war. Today I have put in place the measures necessary to ensure that Linrodeth can survive this strife. The Princess and I recognise the contribution made to the good of the city by Linrodeth's elected councillors. However they have clearly demonstrated that they are not competent to make decisions regarding the safety of our citizens." The General refused to answer any detailed questions saying only that "Colonel Aldridge would have a high degree of discretion in determining how the new force would operate". Ex-Sheriff Miranda Andrews was more forthcoming. "This in not the plan Princess Selina and I had been working on. However. following my removal from office it seems a reasonable approach." Major Aldridge welcomed his promotion and commented that it "demonstrates the Princess' commitment to work with the existing structures and people for the good of the city". The Chronicle wonders how he reconciles this statement with the removal of one of the City's most ancient rights. In a further military development the mercenary units have moved out of the city and rumours abound that they have begun to return to the city states.

The Witanmoot has, almost unanimously, passed an emergency motion in which it "reiterates its support for the traditional Guild system". The motion lays out in detail the requirements for guild members, including the ability to speak fluent Athionic. The growing numbers of Kerunian craftsmen arriving in the city has become of concern to many guild members and the motion is a clear challenge to Princess Selina's countrymen. The proposer of the motion is Jim Bottler, who many see as a supporter of the Kerunian regime, but currently out of favour with the court over his support for Jenny Davy. One councillor described the motion as a desperate attempt by Bottler to realign himself with the opposition. Princess Selina's response to the motion was succinct. An official of the court called on the guilds to urgently review their procedures and to actively seek ways of resolving the conflict between the traditional approach and the needs of the city. Councillor Bever Edge, who was one of the few to risk guild sanction by voting against the motion, called on the Princess to "revoke all guild charters and enable a new era of free trade for the benefit of all citizens".

In an uncontested vote Richard Saunders has been elected as Alderman of Bridge ward. The elevation of the once unpopular councillor to such a powerful post is seen as the strongest indication yet that Marcus Lambourne is in complete control of the council. Many commentators have concluded that Alan Monterey's active support for Lambourne is a price he is having to pay to ensure that Lady Tasker remains as Lord of the City.