The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 148

Linrodeth has been disturbed by increased military activity this week as several troops of cavalry returned from the north. The forces appeared to be extremely battered but cheerful and have clearly been in a major engagement of some kind. A slower convoy of injured later arrived at the Torian infirmary. General Orvini confirmed that the battle took place against the Noord who now hold lands north of the Weald. The General declared, "Linrodeth's northern approaches have been secured for now, but the road to Nyskilde is closed and the city is likely to face a major assault before Ghostmoons or after Springtide." Rumours from civilians at Kingsport say that a naval engagement has also taken place, just outside the estuary, and that the passing ships may not have been Noordic longboats. The Princess' office is refusing to comment.

Hope that the city curfew would be lifted after the success of midsummer have been dashed by further killings of Kerunian officers. The two junior officers may have become lost while returning from an early evening visit to the Theatre Royale. Their bodies were discovered in a back alley of Arpent the following morning, Thirday, Secondweek. Polezei are investigating the incident and will be conducting door to door enquiries over the next week. They also wish to speak to anybody who attended the performance at the theatre that night.

The first stirrings of political activity have been made in the Witanmoot this month when the amended city budget was approved nem com. This is the budget originally proposed by Cllr Truman, on behalf of Olivia Warin, which the emergency committee has been working to for the past few months. Nonetheless, it seems that Alan Monterey was particularly keen that the Witanmoot was once more seen to be functioning, and put it before the Court of Common Council for approval. The Chroniclers are pleased to see the resilience of our city's favourite institution, and hopes that this will persuade a few more councillors to resume public life. Alan Monterey also reminded the Witanmoot that nominations for the envoys to Kerun and Cascorach. If none are received, both become the appointment of Lady Tasker. Mark Bergeron has already been dispatched to Eresan.

The recent naval skirmish has accelerated work on the Portwall. The budget had not yet been formally approved when workmen arrived at Bridgegate to tear down the first section of wooden walling and begin foundations for its stone replacement. Negotiations for the new placement of gates have restarted, although it seems unlikely that anyone would dare to block up the Portsoken gateways which the late Cllr Avery insisted on. The Chroniclers will be interested to note the progress of the wall through the militarised section, and cannot help wondering what the Citadel inhabitants will make of it all. The fortress has so far refrained from bombarding the city, but the construction of new fortifications may be too great a provocation.

Amid the building work, the dockside trade has been good. Several merchants have dodged fleets and other hazards to make port at Linrodeth. The Mercers are said to be especially pleased that an influx of new ships from the city states has made up for the loss of regular shippers from Salvoyn. The Princess' office is making a special point of inviting each captain to dine with Princess Selina, and customs difficulties are being sorted out with unusual efficiency.

The summer heat has ensured a good market for the influx of southern silk, and it seems that a taste for Kerunian foods has also taken Linrodeth. Unfortunately, a bout of summer sickness has also swept the city, with many citizens discovering that the grilled flatbreads taste much worse coming up than going down. The Torians have categorically denied that the imported foods have been deliberately poisoned in an attempt to reduce the native population. They do suggest, however, that citizens might do well to stick to traditional liquids such as locally-brewed ales.