The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 147

The Royal Exchequer has caught up with the many great and good merchants of this city who were prematurely celebrating the commercial success of the festivals. An unexpected tax demand to support the Crown Prince's ongoing war effort has left squeals of protest sounding around the Guildhalls. Although the Witanmoot worthies are concerned at the effect on their own pockets, more sophisticated commentators are wondering why the cash cannot go towards rebuilding Nyskilde, rather than to Salvoyn's moribund war effort.

David Northropp has been forced to withdraw his controversial proposal to impose public record keeping on the Apothecaries Guild. It provoked fierce criticism from all sides as the merchants' guilds strove to protect their expensive Royal Monopolies. Noticeably, he received only silence from the senior members of his own faction, and was forced to make one of the fastest climbdowns of any politician in recent months.

Tension continues to grow between the Newgate camp and the Witanmoot Guard as the search for the Little Sisters of Mercy continues and the number of overnight detentions increases. Rumours that a guard member shot and seriously wounded a young child from the camp have fuelled local resentments and recalled the notorious sleaze scandal earlier this year. Traders who have been entering the city to use their usual pitches have been reluctant to return to the camp at night, citing the dangerous mood of unrest and the frequent pilfering of stock by the guard as reasons for avoiding the area.

The city orphanage is developing rapidly under the watchful eyes of Cllr William Trueman and Gax the Heretic. Trueman is ensuring that the construction work is not being delayed by the Witanmoot bureaucracy, and the walls of the new orphanage are already rising around the building site. Gax is taking a keen interest in the project, and has now thrown his full support behind Trueman's efforts. Speaking at the building site, Gax commented, "This orphanage is a symbol of a united people. It demonstrates the will to care for others and to build a just and decent society. William Trueman's selfless devotion to making this dream a reality is a model for the reform of the corrupt and self serving Witanmoot factions".

The disappearance of Sheriff Derwent has been noted after she failed to show up for the traditional review of the Witanmoot Guard on Setheran Firstday. Sheriff Tasker took the salute alone and appeared to be none too displeased with the occasion. It is presumed that Aralan's absence is due to nothing more sinister than a surprise honeymoon. Nonetheless, the Broiderers Guild have assured us that precautionary measures have been taken. Meanwhile displaced citizen Alison Shefford has been reduced to lobbying Witanmoot members for an extradition paper. It seems that she has received news from Salvoyn of the arrest of Francois Villon, who masterminded the break-in to Shefford's house last year. Villon has been convicted of pilfering, debauchery and 'sedition', and is currently in prison awaiting hanging.

The diminutive apothecary Talus Snapdragon is once again helping the Witanmoot Guard with their enquiries as they try to discover the cause of a recent, fierce blaze at Master Leon de Lamoye's fencing school. Master Talus, who is not known to be a fencer, is apparently helping to find the possible cause of the fire rather than being the prime suspect this time. A number of interesting plumes of smoke have been drifting from his Marshgate home this month, but the prime result seems to be the invention of a particularly indestructible glue. Snapdragon's agents are already in negotiation with the builders guilds.

Scandal has rocked the Kings Theatre once again. On the closing night of their most recent production Ralph Woodcote, the leading man, was killed in full view of the audience when a prop collapsed. The Chronicle has learnt that this reported accident was in fact a murder perpetrated by Dick Stermy, stage manager, and his sister Rose Pollard, a Welland hat maker. The pair also killed Peterkin the theatre boy and made an attempt on the life of Sir John Trowbridge and his pregnant (ex actress) wife Eleanor. The pair were arrested by Alderman Sue Quinn in a dawn raid. She has been at pains to deny rumours that the pair were also involved in demon summoning and black magicks. Miss Felicity Mint, the leading actress at the theatre, told the Chronicle, "This whole business has been a great test of us. However, we have rooted out the evil within our midst, and I know dear Ralph and Peterkin would have wanted us to go on with the show".

Late News

The King is dead

Travellers fleeing the rebellion in Nyskilde have spoken of a treacherous ambush by the rangers.

The King, Queen and many other nobles have been killed on the orders of Prince Kieran.

There will be a state service for the late King and Queen on the Tourney Fields on Lastday Setheran.

Gods save King Edward