The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 145

The Witanmoot had been shocked to learn this week of Councillor Larken Drumm's arrest after a military sweep of the Wealden Forest to eliminate the bandit problem. A thorough search of the area was carried out by the combined forces of the Witanmoot Guard and the King's Rangers, under the orders and leadership of Sheriff Dixon. Aside from several mangy peasants suspected of poaching, the operation also picked up an extremely annoyed Cllr Drumm along with his merry men. Larkin's loud assertions that he was merely out on a prolonged painting expedition did not satisfy the Sheriff, who received no explanation for the presence, at Larkin's side, of several heavily armed mercenaries from the Dancing Bear. Since the return of this large hunting party and their irate prize, we have heard rumours that a further search of Larkin Drumm's camp uncovered a haul of jewellery, likely to be the spoils from the ambushed Mercers' caravan. However, Sheriff Dixon refuses to confirm or deny this rumour, and Councillor Drumm remains in the Witanmoot cells unavailable for comment.

Lady Perignon appears to have abandoned the city to the tender mercies of the Sheriffs this month. As expected, she has left Linrodeth to enjoy the hot summer sunshine at her country estates. We hear that these may be further enlivened by the presence of m’'lord Fernando Sidonia of Kerun, who is visiting her for some "serious" wine tasting and importation negotiations. What will poor Dom make of it all?

In the absence of both Lady Perignon and Sheriff Dixon, Sheriff Griffiths was left to chair this month's sweltering meeting of the Witanmoot Council. As soon as the budget section opened, both Councillor Monterey and Councillor Andrews rose to amend the original budget to provide further funds. Cllr Monterey, with his characteristic persistence, resubmitted the original trade delegate motion costing £350, while Cllr Andrews requested a further £150 to "properly fund" the city's orphanage. Both of these were refused by Sheriff Griffiths who pointed out that they were "already resolved items". He further rebuked the two junior councillors for wasting council time and advised them to develop their ideas properly in time for the 146 budget debate. All other budgets were proposed to be as detailed in the main budget split, apart from the Law & Order committee who submitted an amended budget coming in at 6s less than the original estimate. As expected, both Sharon Brehon (Broiderer) and Philip Portman (Fletcher) have been proposed to fill the vacant post of Alderman of Dracas. This will be voted on by the full Court of Common Council next month.

Councillor Derwent's 'Queue Here' sign has been dusted off and put outside again. This seemed to confirm recent rumours which swept through Linrodeth that the "impetuous filly" was about to choose another apprentice. A hoard of hopeful youngsters brought toy rapiers, frying pans and (apparently) bedding from all across the city to wait in line for several days for the opportunity to impress Aralan. Some even remembered to bring an embroidery sampler. Some commentators have suggested that it is significant that Aralan was not permitted on the recent military manoeuvres which netted such interesting witnesses in the Wealden Forest.

Councillor Alan Monterey's recent public austerity measures have been questioned following a most extravagant party held last week for faction members. Participants remain close-mouthed (and hungover) following a dinner party which must have exceeded even Harry Truestaff's flamboyant bashes. Scavengers clearing away debris around the house in the early hours of the morning report clattering heaps of the finest vintage wine flagons, torn silk hangings, fragments of unusual imported delicacies including fish eggs from the Empire, and drifts of discarded summer flowers.

Citizens will be distressed to learn of reports from Salvoyn that the Lady Isabella de Shabot has died in a barge accident during the Midsummer regatta. Lady Shabot's generous corn deal with the Witanmoot last year, which provided supplies almost at cost, is widely credited with saving the city from starvation and famine this last winter. She was known as a friendly, outgoing personality whose charity work was unsung and undertaken without thought of publicity. Gax's orphanage will be one of many children's charities who will feel her loss. She will be sadly missed.