The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 141

The Archimandrite is pleased to announce that, at the special request of the Princess Eleanor, Edward de Belleme is to become the new Plenipotentiary of Cascorach. The appointment follows the retirement due to ill health of the current Plenipotentiary, Henry Algernon Persevanten, who will be leaving for a Hahnite retreat in the Celidon Forest. Edward de Belleme, currently a Pendentite in the Linrodeth Temple, said that he was "pleased and honoured" to have been chosen for the task, and that he hoped to be in Cascorach by Higharvestide.

The Chroniclers are pleased to announce the results of the elections held at Midsummer are:

Samantha Cox

10 Votes

Alan Griffiths

7 Votes

Kennet Maxil

6 Votes

So long-serving Kennet Maxil retires from the Witanmoot for the time being, refusing to comment on whether he will stand again at the Midwinter elections. Likewise Sheriff Cox, her position obviously strengthened by topping the poll, is refusing to say if she intends standing for Lord of the City next year.

The Chair of Law and Order, Alderman Malcolm Mowbray, has formally accused Cllr Armundus Septer of misconduct, creating turmoil in the previously torpid council chambers. The Hearing is scheduled to take place before the new sheriff, Alan Griffiths, early next month. Mowbray has so far refused to release details of his investigations into the Levestone riots of recent months, but this latest announcement is believed to be connected to the investigation. Unfortunately for the watch serving notice of the summons, it appears that the Old Man of the Witanmoot has already done a bunk. Shutters on his Levestone house are closed and the servants quarters are empty – although neighbours have pointed out that Armundus often visits his summer estate during the height of the summer.

The Chroniclers note the absence of both Alderman Andrews and Cllr Dexter from the council proceedings this month. Our impartial enquiries have confirmed that the pair have left the city to celebrate the passing of Midsummer in a deeply traditional manner; a nuptial hunting. The Chroniclers, along with all the other interested followers of their prolonged courtship, offer their heartiest congratulations.

In a poorly attended debate in the Witanmoot, Alderman Mowbray has proposed the mandatory removal of the Floating Market to a point further upstream from its present position, and on the far bank. Details of how this would be achieved were sparse, but Mowbray invited constructive suggestions. The move was supported by Cllr Aralan Derwent who said, "I hope that citizens will welcome this proposal, which will reduce the problems that the residents of Dowgate have been having, while maintaining the market." The proposal seemed to gather cautious support from the chamber, although several councillors could be heard suggesting that the whole caboodle was removed to about five mile beyond the Ishtan estuary and left there.

Lord Festus Perara, Ambassador from the Court of Kerun, is conspicuously avoiding the vicinity of Salvoyn this summer. This seems to be despite (or perhaps because of) the presence of his liege lady, the Princess Selina Karandreos, who is making a state visit this summer.

Gax the Heretic has returned to his old haunt; the steps of the Hahn Temple. Apparently a couple of the youngsters from his orphanage have been denied entrance to the Law School, and Gax is demanding to know why. The reason seems obvious to the Chroniclers – but according to Gax its because of, "the archaic establishment's repression of potential debate through the deliberate under-education of the people".

Due to the appointment of Alan Griffiths as Sheriff, there will be an election of the Alderman of Dracas ward next month, in the Court of Common Council.