The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 139

This years Midsummer Fair on a cloudy and showery day, was subdued in nature, with many stallholders making ominous comments on the Salvoyn tariffs. The archery competition fortunately showed a marked improvement over previous years, drawing the comment "adequate" from Sir Salverian. The eventual winner of the gilt arrow was Captain Kurt, looking fully recovered from the wounds inflicted by the floating market scum. The Stone Cup was this year won by some surprise outsiders – the college students, who were still celebrating well into the following day. Fat Sal retained the pig -wrestling prize, and although aficionados spoke wistfully of Erik the Finger's stunning new technique, the big man himself was not competing. The day ended with a formal announcement that the two sheriffs had been re-elected unopposed.

The following day, Dragonfeast, dawned grey but dry. The Knight-Marshall and Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons held open audiences by the Mootstone. The huge pile of petitions will probably take some time to clear, although some were granted immediately. These fortunate petitioners included Gax (official founder of the new orphanage) and Baron Scrope.

Early in the month the Court of Common Council convened to tackle the problems of civil unrest and the Salvoyn tariffs. On both subjects Alderman James Isenbard gave a lengthy and competent speech submitting, by way of conclusion, a number of motions for the council to debate in the coming month; one being a motion of censure and the others essentially escalating Linrodeth's own tariffs. These motions were seconded by Samantha Cox.

Citizens appear to be reassured by this firm response and no further incidents of protest have been reported, although the guilds remain wary and secretive. A little over a week after the announcement a reply was received from Salvoyn via the Envoy, Alan Griffiths. Salvoyn has agreed to drop the tariffs rather than compete in an unprofitable tariff war.

The ships 'Uselysses' and 'Allapsus' continue to dominate the docklands while their owners, Duke Alexander and Prince Pharos, await the King's return. The two failed suitors have already sailed home. While in port the Allapsus has been suffering from mysterious outbreaks of fires. The guard has been doubled, but the local watch remain unable to discover the cause of these fires.

The political disaster of the season has descended on Olnorth Dexter while he was relaxing into a series of informal concerts. Lilith Lansdowne has resigned her post as one of his chief lieutenants, returning to her old crony, Beatrice Perignon's party. Her departure has caused so much dissent and confusion that Olnorth's party has shrunk to a tiny faction of its former state. Disinterested observers have described Alderman Lansdowne's timing as "impeccable". The other Alderman on the move this month is Bert Belcher, who has quietly teamed up with the young apothecary Tilly Falgar. Rumour has it that the worthy meatmonger remains unconvinced of Ellis Devon's recovery. Since his disastrous duel Cllr Devon has made only sporadic forays into public life.

Our love-lorn councillor, Thomas Castlemaine, has been released from his luxurious detainment in the Hahnite temple. Unfortunately, no-one thought to warn him of an excellent reputation of their cellars and kitchens, and he is now suffering from a painful relapse into gout. Elsewhere socialite Poppy Soboll has fallen heavily for the respectable widower Osgeard Dunn. An unlikely pairing one might have thought, still, the Chroniclers wish them the best of luck.

Best news of the month is that the floating market has been broken up by the Noord living there. The large, mysterious structure built in the centre of the market was revealed as a longship when the Noord stepped the mast and rigged a colourful patchwork sail. Breaking out of the market with much enthusiasm, little skill and total disregard for anything in their path, the Noord took a couple of turns around the Ishta before heading upriver with a following wind. The Citadel appears to have been taken totally by surprise and although riders have been sent upriver to warn the market towns, it is unlikely that they will outpace the longship until the wind drops.

The duel between Malcolm Mowbray and Elliot Anderson was quickly resolved. The two councillors managed a few exchanges before Elliot, being even more cautious than Malcolm, retreated too hastily and stumbled. He was forced to concede before Cllr Mowbray would allow him to regain his feet and his dignity.

Late news from the Mootstone! Gibian Horl has returned from the Dragonfeast at Salvoyn bearing a writ from the King. Hurrying straight to the Mootstone from the ship, Alderman Horl read the scroll aloud to the curious onlookers:

Let it be known that we are much pleased by our subject Matthew Dixon and his fellows for their prompt and most effective actions during the time of famine which afflicted our beloved city of Linrodeth. Thereof we are pleased to bestow a Free Pardon on the said Matthew Dixon. By our hand, this Dragonfeast day:

With only a brief delay for repetitions and verification of the seal, Matthew Dixon was duly released.