The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 137

We open this months Chronicle with the sad news that another member of the watch has been killed by an unknown assailant. Kembel Faithside died last Tuesday while returning home from watch duty, along with his bodyguard.

Although his mother (a reputable silk merchant and member of the council) was unwilling to speak to the Chronicle, we have been able to ascertain that Kembel feared for his life and had arranged to be accompanied at all times. The bodyguard was also killed.

Councillor Tholin of Avigon has requested that a team be put together to solve this problem. Suitable citizens are requested to contact him via the Chronicle.

The Midsummer Fair was a washout as the heavens opened for the duration of the event. Councillors hoping to see their Ward Team excel in the archery contest crept quietly away as round after round was ruined by the rain and damp. Overall scores were, if anything, worse than last year. Prizes were presented by the Citadel Bowmaster, the King and Knight Marshall having left early.

Also disrupted by the heavy rain were the riding events, cancelled to prevent injury to the horses. The Second Cavalry were also disrupted by the noisy arrival of Sir Hugh Grosvenor leading a war-horse ridden by several small children. The King took obvious pleasure in announcing the appointment of Sir Hugh as the 2nd Cavalry's new Major. The churned mud fields provided an ideal setting for the wrestling and bugger contests. Fat Sal powered her way to the £5 wrestling purse; while the Brewers & Coopers were the winners of the Stone Cup presented by Master-mason James St George. In the first round the Coopers & Brewers had beaten the Squires by a comfortable margin, whilst the Masons scraped through against the Skinners. In the deciding match the Coopers beat the Masons by a
close margin.

Surprise of the Tournament was the appearance of a masked (but distinctly female) opponent to challenge the Kinjuru envoy to a duel with the Fara'ket, also called the Bladed Rope. This potentially vicious fight lasted a comparatively short time, and often resembled a dance. The challenger eventually conceded when she was forced to block with her rope, thus shredding it. The envoy declared himself delighted with
her skill and insisted on presenting her with his purse. The Chroniclers wonder whether this was in any way influenced by the fact that the King was watching.

The Midsummer meeting of the Witanmoot announced the election of the following two citizens as sheriffs: Paston Courtney (Master Carpenter) and Kennet Maxil (Master Mercer)

The Grocers announce the loss at sea of the merchant ship 'Hogwash'. Eyewitnesses on the shore describe the ship bursting into flame and sinking quickly. There were no survivors.

Gax has announced that the total of funds raised during 'Lemon-Aid' were £46 7s 2d. He declared the event to be a good success in view of the appalling weather. He also wishes to announce, via The Chronicle, a series of public debates under the title: "The
Marc's Tour – a better future"



1st Arvinoth

Vintners Hall (Linrodeth)

4th Arvinoth


11th Arvinoth

Dereham Cross

19th Arvinoth


25th Arvinoth


29th Arvinoth

The 'Empty Barrel'

Councillor Marc wishes it to be known that, to the best of his knowledge, he is not in any way related to Marc the Thatcher.

Marc the Thatcher wishes to announce a protest march in support of the Thatchers. The march will be on the first of next month and will start at Newgate and proceed
towards the Witanmoot. All are welcome.

The Chroniclers note that the fortunes of the Hahn temple appear to go from bad to worse. Apparently unable to maintain even their old school, the students are
being evacuated to the main Temple site. The possible sale of the valuable school lands on Shadow Street could well be the bargain of the year.

Sirs, We wish to inform Marc the Thatcher that the masons guild has no
representatives on the council – our interests are represented by the carpenters guild – so it is impossible for us to have acted as 'lackeys' in the rejection of an appeal for a rehearing. Perhaps the 'lack' that is involved is the lack in the Thatchers' leadership, when their spokesman allows himself to spend two months in a luxury apartment as a guest of 'The Company'.

The Guild of Masons