The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 151

The mild weather has lead to a very early arrival of shipping into the port this year, Reports from these ships and overland merchants arriving from the south have confirmed a muster of the Salvoynian Levy. Although the scale of the call up is not known, it would appear that King Edward is committing to a major military campaign at the cost of the planting and harvest. Whether he will move this massive army together or break it up into a number of forces; and what his intentions are is as yet unclear. Early news from Eresan is also of a major military build up although details are even less clear.

Generals Olvini's decision to close the port for five days last week has caused outrage amongst the merchants and traders. The closure followed a northern deployment of the City Army and was made in order to prevent news of this move being communicated. The City Guard has been commended by Richard Saunders for the sensitive way with which they dealt with the near rioting merchants however others have been rather less complimentary. A number of merchants have demanded compensation for the losses which are likely to be incurred by the stranded ships. A spokesman for the Citadel told the Chronicle that while the Citadel need not justify its actions; the move had been deliberately left until most of the early run shipping had departed and that individual cases of hardship from later ships were being considered.

The departure into the northern hills of a huge force of cavalry and several regiments of Infantry lead personally by General Olvini has caused much speculation. This is clearly a major invasion of the Nordic lands and a very high risk strategy for the Princess to take. That Princess Selina is prepared to leave the City so lightly defended has been interpreted by some to mean that the negotiations which took place between Princess Selina and Prince Kieran last year lead to an agreement of some sort and it may even be that Kieran is intending to repeat his overland march on Nyskilde.

Speculation and manoeuvring around the Lordship elections has all but paralysed the Witanmoot this month. The defection of Mary Hastings to the Lambourne camp, apparently as a result of concerns over Miranda Andrews support for King Edward seems to have sealed the result in favour of Jenny Davy. This has however not prevented much to-ing and fro-ing between the various factions and a huge increase in rumours.

An official deputation from King Edward has been received at the Citadel. The Chronicle has discovered that their ship was one of the first to arrive, but was kept waiting at Kingsport for several days before being allowed to approach the City the day after the generals departure. the delegates were then further frustrated by Princess Selina being unable to meet them due to her being ill. The deputation finally met with Prince Edwin and is now in residence at the Citadel. It is not quite clear if the Princess’ illness was an excuse or if she is genuinely ill. Citadel watchers have however commented that she has been seen a lot less in public recently.

The Citadel’s celebration of the pre-Springtide “Feast of Fools” was apparently slightly more subdued this year, perhaps due to the Princess’ lack of involvement. However as many citizens will be aware the festival has spread to the city with many Kerunian residents and merchants confusing their neighbours and customers with wild and baffling festivities.

Leaks emanating from the Witanmoot suggest that the Cities finances may have undergone a dramatic revival. Initial estimates of Guild and Ward taxes suggest a major increase in the heath of the cities economy.

Late News

In a shock result Miranda Andrews has become Lord of the City, wining the election by the vote of one Alderman. All the pre-election speculation was proved to be completely wrong as Lambourne and, of all people, Alan Monterey made the case for Jenny Davy and Trueman, Bottler and Cutario lined up for Miranda Andrews. The election appears to have been a watershed in relations within the Witanmoot with Lambourne and Monterey apparently putting their differences behind them to support the candidacy of Jenny Davy. However it may be that this is simply the result of the strong relationship between outgoing Lady Tasker and Sheriff Davy. Even more surprising was the change in Jim Bottler's position, with slippery Jim once again changing sides at the decisive moment. However it was the last minute defection of Duncan Barnet to the rapidly growing Cutario camp which secured a result which would otherwise have gone to Jenny Davy on the Lords casting vote. Alderman Barnett has been stressing since the vote that his move was not prompted by the Lordship elections but rather by a desire to join a faction more interested in "creating wealth rather than spending it'. However it would appear that the Lambourne group has no intention of falling for this smoke screen. They have pointed out that if this was the case he could have declared his change of group before the Lordship vote rather than engaging in what Richard Sunders described as a “Cynical betrayal of trust”.

The Voting was:

Andrews: Andrews, Barbiter, Barnett, Bottler, Bowden, Capel, Cutario, Downe, Osbert, Povre, Romanie, Trueman, Warin.

Davy: Belcher, Davy, Hastings, Hubold, Monterey, Saunders, Shefford, Spich, Tasker, Wirstan, Worton.