The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 150

Ships arriving from Salvoyn and, more reliably, merchants arriving from Cascorach have provided details of a great battle fought last Autumn between Prince Kieran’s and Prince Edward's armies outside the gates of Cascorach. Prince Kieran marched his army south on the eve of Winter and seems to have managed to reach Cascorach without a major engagement. Outside the city walls the two great armies lined up and the largest battle of the civil war so far ensued. Prince Kieran’s smaller force appears to have fought valiantly and with more skill and, following the collapse of Prince Edward's right flank under an onslaught of heavy cavalry, his remaining army broke and only a desperate intervention by the Royal Guard prevented a crushing defeat. Princess Eleanor has been left in undisputed control of Cascorach, Prince Edward's forces having withdrawn in good order to Salvoyn. Prince Kieran’s army made a desperate and nearly disastrous dash back north, just reaching the Cantos Falls before the first heavy snows blocked them. There appear to have been heavy losses on both sides during the battle, particularly amongst the cavalry and professional troops, and Princess Eleanor's forces have suffered badly from the long siege. This leaves Princess Selina in the surprising position of possessing one of the stronger professional forces now active in Athion, although we note that Prince Edward has yet to call upon the significant strength of the Salvoynian Levy.

Citadel watchers have wondered, in light of the above news, whether recent celebrations at Princess Selina’s court have been entirely coincidental. The mainly Kerunian participants claim that this pre-Springtide “Feast of Fools” is a long standing tradition of the city states. Certainly the masked revels have included many libations to Miros, Baccelos, Hermos, Poseiros and many other strange Kerunian deities. The occasional local guests have returned quite bemused at the unexpected liberties permitted at the Princess’ court this week, and seem intimidated at the idea that this might prove an annual event. It remains to be seen whether this “carnevale” tradition will reoccur after another year of civil war.

By contrast business at the Witanmoot has been sedate this month. A proposal to postpone the budget another month has been passed without opposition, in order for councillors to consider the implications of the latest tax audit currently circulating. Lady Ann Tasker has been returned as overlord unopposed; apparently such a high profile post is far less appealing to our aldermen in the current political climate. Alderman Jim Bottler has proposed the following motion to the Witanmoot “The court of Common Council notes that the Portwall project is due to be completed ahead of schedule and congratulates the labours involved. Council also notes however that labour costs have increased by a factor of three due to current economic circumstances. Council therefore approves an extra £3,000 for the payment of the labour costs of the wall”. One for the oversight committee, it seems.

General Olvini's quartermasters have been forced to discard “significant weight of corn” which was found to have spoiled over the winter. The corn was reserved for the Kerunian cavalry and was not part of the city’s stocks. The new city guard is investigating possible sabotage after a drainage ditch was found to have been diverted into the tower where the corn was kept. General Olvini's comments on the situation are not publishable.

As predicted the River Ishtan has flooded fast and early this year. Much of the valley around Linrodeth has been inundated, and boats are now the only way to reach the nearby villages. Port authorities are bracing themselves for record flooding during the high tides over the Springtide festival, which are also expected to provide an early test of the new Portwall foundations. Dalethian Earthwalkers have already departed into the countryside to advise farmers and monitor the flooding. News has not yet been received of the state of Aralan Derwent’s army, which remains camped at Fenny Bridges full in the path of flooding from the Great Fens.

Followers of fashion are distressed to learn of Lady Cyarçon's intention to depart for a season of commercial travel in the Spring. The lively couturier will be much missed, not least by Alan Griffiths whose on/off courtship of the eligible Eshi remains unsuccessful. Observers note that Lady Cyarçon’s business partner, Master Talus Snapdragon, remains in or near the city of Linrodeth.