The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 149

Jim Bottler has formally moved a motion that the City commit £32,000 to the immediate and rapid construction of the new city wall. Amid the stunned silence which this astronomical sum produced William Trueman’s consequently revised budget was proposed with surprisingly little dissent. Only Alderman Hubold voiced his immediate concern. “Trueman, Bottler and Monterey are in an unholy alliance and are conspiring to ruin this fair City” he proclaimed. It is thought that the budget will face more opposition from the full council when it comes to a formal vote next month. The loan of £7,000 from Princess Selina and major cutbacks are expected to prove contentious. Despite the lack of a formal approval of the budget work on the wall is starting. Work teams have been assembled and the clearing of buildings has already begun within the militarised zone. Concern is growing that Aralan Derwent intends to interfere with the stone supplies and her troops have become “very active” in the region near the Quarry. Most of the local cavalry has been deployed to the countryside to prevent her, however this leaves the northern approaches vulnerable to a surprise Noord attack.

The factions within the Witanmoot continue to strengthen with only a few Aldermen now uncommitted. The three leading factions remain equally positioned, with Bottler's rump now half the size of the other groups. Trueman's group seems to be pulling a little ahead and his recent long meeting with Princess Selina has heightened speculation that he intends to make a bid for Sheriff.

The Hahnite temple has been the centre of a number of major events this month. Devotees and onlookers have been marvelling at the ceremonies surrounding the formal excommunication of Archimandrite Ingulfos and his followers and the subsequent appointment of many new Plenipotentiaries and Pendentites. Questions as to whether the Linrodeth Archimandrite could back up this move were stopped by the shock arrival of 50 supportive Knights Templars who demonstrated their allegiance to the “True Archimandrite”. There was a tense moment as Selina's forces deployed however no conflict ensued. Two days later the full force of cavalry left the Temple and headed south led by Plenipotentiary Jasmine on an unknown mission. Later, a thick column of smoke was seen to rise beyond the Botmoor hills. The fact that the temple has become active on the military scene has been welcomed by many who remember how much it did to secure the lands following the last civil war. This pro-Hahnite sentiment was further enhanced by Plenipotentiary Antonius announcing “that the Hahnites planned to create a new Orphanage to provide for and educate the city’s youth.”

The River Ishtan has been in full flood this month following the spring melting, but very little damage has been caused now that the Floating Market no longer exists. Dock workers and traders have been busy preparing the port for the anticipated arrival of the first trading ships, expected within a week of the floods subsiding. Less welcome may be news of more Noordic longboats; travellers in the vicinity of Kingsport report much activity and rumours of damage to Kerunian ships.

The provisioners guilds have been distressed to discover substantial loss of stock over winter. Allegedly, an untimely increase in the mouse population has made big inroads onto food stores. Guildmasters are now urgently seeking a meeting with Witanmoot leaders to discuss what might be done. Other merchants have questioned these reports, having suffered little loss themselves. Given that most of the Treasury’s monies this year will be put into the Portwall, the guilds may be left with little choice but to accept the damage and attempt to reduce the mice numbers. A number of enterprising individuals have already offered to hire out their cats.

Now that the curfew has been lifted throughout the city, it has become apparent that the Bards College is enforcing its own curfew on residents. This is deeply unpopular with the students, and has prompted a sudden increase in youngsters seeking rented rooms outside the college. The college itself is refusing to comment, but it may be an attempt to protect those of its students who come from distant lands and kingdoms.


The first ships have arrived, including the Royal Phoenix from Salvoyn.