The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 142

This year's voting results from the Aldermanic Council show a sharp decrease in support for the Justice League, with the traditional Mowbray/Dexter alliance losing out to the new and rather tentative Dixon/Perignon axis. Interestingly Cllr Derwent's faction, although still claiming loose affiliation to the League, has chosen to vote with the newer team. One of the more landslide returns was for George 'hang em high' Rimon, who recently changed to Perignon's faction after some years with Olnorth Dexter, a fact which has either escaped the notice of the League (they voted for him anyway) or which shows devious plans are afoot. The only Alderman to escape the general purge seems to be Alison Shefford, and we're sure the fact that she is Ma Perignon's guildmaster is entirely coincidental. The full results of the voting were as follows:

Chair for the Treasury George Rimon 21 Kennet Maxil 2

Chair for Trade Nicholas Bowden 13 Miranda Andrews 10

Chair for Law & Order Alison Shefford 15 Duncan Barnett 7

Chair for Lands & Agriculture Jemma Downe

Emissary to Nyskilde Arianne Pencric 13 John Madigan 10

Following the season's elections, most active factions have spent the past month in internal rearrangements and self-investigation. Meanwhile Alderman Rimon is hard at work drawing up the new budget, while Lord Courtney still has the appointments of the Emissaries to Cascorach and Salvoyn to ponder. Should these be delayed they will become the appointments of the new Lord. Paston Courtney, Samantha Cox and Alan Griffiths have all been nominated for this post as expected.

The Nyskildian vice-emissary has lodged a formal complaint with the Witanmoot over the continuing detention, without trial, of one of his guards. The guard is suspected of having been behind the attacks on the Dixon household, which led to the near death of Cllr Dixon and the kidnapping of Lord Courtney's granddaughter. The vice-emissary accused the Witanmoot of attempting to frame the Nyskildians for the attacks, and has hinted at dire consequences should the matter not be resolved by the time the Nyskildian ambassador returns.

The first ships from the south have reached harbour after a particularly mild spring, and bring several pieces of news from the Royal court. Citizens will be delighted to hear that the Princess Alexis Emma was born to Princess Eleanor on Eighthday Thirdweek of Kruthos. Both mother and daughter are now said to be doing well. The ship also carried the news that, on the occasion of Prince Kieran's 18th birthday back in Skelern, the King appointed the Prince as Commander of the King's Rangers. The Prince will be joining the Rangers who are currently based in the highlands of east Athion. Last but not least, the long overwintering in Salvoyn has led to the happy announcement that Her Highness the Princess Selina Karandreos of Kerun is to become betrothed to the young Prince Edwin. This somewhat unexpected conclusion has confounded court watchers who had expected Crown Prince Edward to be the subject of the Princess' attention.