The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 141

With the thaw comes news from the Cascorach. Her Highness the Princess Eleanor has announced the formation of the Guilds of Merchant Adventurers, Provisioners and Craftsmen. These guilds replace those disbanded by the Princess last year. Chairman for Trade, Miranda Andrews, welcomed the news, saying that it vindicated her stance against the call for sanctions made by Salvoyn envoy Elrissa Sandelli. Other interesting news concerns the Duke's intention to keep the streets patrolled by the army, rather than permitting a return to a civic watch. He has announced the formation of the First Cascorach Infantry Regiment, which will be drawn from the City to carry out this task. A statement on this significant development has not been forthcoming from the Citadel, which has been at pains not to comment of the Princess’ management of the Cascorach Dukedom. However a reporter for the Chronicle has managed to discover that the King is keen to see the militarisation of Cascorach, in order to fend off the anticipated Gelt aggression. It has also been suggested that His Majesty has not been too impressed with Prince Edwards management of the Gelt campaign, and that his permission for the Princess to raise her own regiment is being seen by some as potentially very significant.

Other interesting news from the Citadel concerns Prince Edwin who, it has been announced, is to attend the Bards College. The Chronicle is interested to note that following the announcement a number of young ladies have also been enrolled at the College by their forward-thinking families.

Alderman Mowbray has announced that his investigations into the Baldwin Underwood affair are unable to continue until he has an opportunity to interview Councillor Gus O'Leary, who has not been forthcoming. Any citizens knowing the whereabouts of Cllr O'Leary are requested to contact the Witanmoot guard. Malcolm Mowbray refused to comment on the guards recent raiding of Cllr O'Leary's house, and refused to rule out the rumoured Floating Market connection. He did, however, dismiss the persistent rumours of Cllr Perignon's involvement.

The Temples of Torus and Brynette have made a joint announcement of a project to bring freshwater to the city. Atharvan Gareck told the Chronicle, "Following the plague last year, the Temple of Torus approached us regarding a means of providing freshwater throughout the city. We would now like to identify all the potential sources of freshwater within and near the city, and would like to hear from anyone offering generous funding for a pilot scheme."

The feud between the Perignon and Dixon families has exploded into violence. In a fight outside the walls of the Perignon household Roland Dixon has killed Guimar Perignon and seriously wounded Ferdinand Lansdowne's brother Antoine. According to a number of witnesses, an apparently chance meeting between Roland Dixon and a group of young men including Guimar and Antoine led to a duel between Roland and Antoine. After a short fight, Roland disarmed Antoine, and attempted to leave, however Guimar prevented him and continued the duel. Things turned ugly when Antoine recovered his sword and joined in the attack. When two others in the group also drew their rapiers Roland switched from the defence and, in a manoeuvre which one witness described as "bloody amazing", felled both Antoine and Guimar. Lord Paston Courtney was quickly called to the scene and took a severe view of the escalating violence between the two factions. All families involved in the incident have been fined £5, and Roland Dixon has been exiled from the City of Linrodeth and all its lands. Master Dixon has not been seen since and is believed to have already fled the city.