Nyskilde in 141


A report by Councillor Matthew Dixon, Emissary to Nyskilde


Nyskilde is a small city about 200 miles to the north of Linrodeth. The trip normally takes about twenty days, allowing for time to shelter in little bays and inlets while the storms of the sea rage outside. Nyskilde is built on the shores of a circular bay and is surrounded by stone cliffs. The City’s defences are impressive even by comparison with his majesty’s castle in Linrodeth.


The society is very male dominated with age having considerable influence. The Jarl of Nyskilde (the equivalent of Lord Courtney) is Jarl Gudmund Thorkeleson. Other important citizens are Harond Garlok, Guildmaster of the Guild of Merchant Adventurers; Sten Bargeld, head of the Furriers’ Guild; Kertald Grine, Marshall of the City Watch; and Stella Kimble, leader of the Weavers’ Guild. Of these, only the latter, Stella Kimble is a woman. All of the civic leaders wish to maintain good relations with Linrodeth (but see below!), but in general have only limited horizons. It seems that Nyskilde keeps to itself in almost all matters.


Following Alderman Baldwin Under­wood’s excellent handling of relations with Nyskilde, I found that little needed to be done. Indeed the only progress that can be reported is that a new trading agreement between the Weavers of Linrodeth and the Weavers of Nyskilde has been concluded.


During my stay in Nyskilde, it came to my attention that the envoy’s residence in Nyskilde is in need of urgent maintenance. I therefore humbly re­quest that the budget for this Emissary be increased next year to prevent much larger expenditures in the future. In addition, the Merchants of Nyskilde are very parochial and may take offense at the slightest pretext. As an example, the Merchant Adventurers’ guild of Nyskilde seems to be bent on a course of ex­cluding all access to Nyskilde’s trade markets except when conducted by their guild. It is my belief that the guild charters of the guilds in Linrodeth grant us the right to trade (in the relevant goods of course!) wherever we wish and so we should resist this as much as possible. It is also worth pointing out that if the worst came to the worst (for example if the City States attacked Athion) that the City of Nyskilde would act in any interest (including that of his Majesty’s) other than their own.