Military Units


There are several military units that have, over time, been mentioned in the newspapers of Athion. Among them are:

2nd Cavalry Regiment

One of the few cavalry regiments of the Kingdom of Athion, this regiment typically accompanies the King on his progresses around the kingdom.

5th Infantry Regiment

Initially stationed at the Citadel, this regiment was reassigned to Salvoyn and tool part in the campaigns against the Gelt.

7th Infantry Regiment

Replaced the 5th Infantry Regiment and seen as more uncouth than that regiment.

Knights Hospitallers

There are those who will obstruct the Temple of Torus in its Divine Duty. To protect those in service of the Temple there is a martial arm, the Knights Hospitaller. The Knights Hospitaller are stationed at the Infirmarium they serve.

While the units of the Knights Hospitaller are typically smaller than the King’s Regiments and often smaller than many mercenary bands, they are typically by far the healthiest and fittest of the troops on a battle ground. They are also as well trained as any army and their love for Torus for Torus to drive them further than any mercenary army will go for love of gold.

Knights Illuminati

Order of Knights who defend the Temple of Brynette. The traditional livery of the Knights Illuminati is black.

Knights Templar

Order of knights who defend the Temple of Hahn. The traditional livery of the Knights Templar is red.

Queens Infantry

An infantry regiment whose patron is the Queen.