The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 155

The naval blockade of Salvoyn is progressing well, and news that both the Cascorach and Eresan levies have now mobilized to besiege the Salvoyn delta has been welcomed by General Olvini. At sea our blockade is now completely effective with no shipping moving into or out of the city. A number of minor engagements have occurred and one major incident took place when a warship Asteri from Zedigal attempted to escort a merchantman into the city. A robust intervention was made by the highly manageable Broadsword which was able to engage and sink the merchantman without coming into contact with the warship. However the warship persisted in its attempt to force the blockade and the Leviathan was eventually forced to ram and board the ship. Surviving Zedigal seamen have been press-ganged into the navy, whilst the Asteri's captain is being held for questioning. King Kieran's Ambassador to Linrodeth praised the forethought of our Princess in building up a strong navy and the tactical excellence of the Linrodeth sailors.

High King Kieran is believed to be recovering from his mysterious injuries and has sent messages of support to Princess Selina, and thanks to the Linrodeth temples who have held prayers for him. One of His Majesty's first actions was to appoint Duke Faure de Lamonte as Lord High Marshall for the overland siege of Salvoyn. The outspoken and energetic old Duke, whose family has suffered personally from the attentions of the Salvoynian witches, is expected to give new impetus to the overland attack.

It has been confirmed by sources in Cascorach that Princess Alexis is missing. Her mother Princess Eleanor has announced that the planned marriage of the young Princess will no longer take place and this has increased speculation that Princess Alexis has fled the city in order to avoid the marriage. Less certain is the safety of the young Princess, who may have been duped into trusting criminal or eldritch types with her escape. Her father, Duke Alexander, has personally led the blockade of the road to Salvoyn, while other household knights are searching travellers on all other roads out of the domain.

Linrodeth's Mercers and Grocers guilds, for once in agreement, have expressed concern about the impact of the war with Salvoyn on Linrodeth's economy. There has been a notable decline in the amount of shipping arriving from the city states and it is possible that the loss of Salvoyn as an intermediate destination is causing many ships to abandon the long trip north to Linrodeth. Phillip Candever, speaking on behalf of the guilds told the Chronicle; "We don't think it is simply a matter of an over long journey, many of these ships traded goods at Salvoyn and the profit from a trip just to Linrodeth may not be sufficient to make the venture worthwhile. "

Despite the loss of shipping, all Linrodeth citizens are determined to make the forthcoming Midsummer and Dragonfeast holidays ones to remember. Large numbers of caravans are arriving overland and the fairground on the Tourney Fields is already being set up. There are decorations and bunting along all the main roads in the city, and rumours that the vintners guild will supply fountains of wine. The Bards College has many cultural entertainments planned to compete with the athletics and chariot programmes at Ye Oval. The Citadel regiments are adding music to their usual martial display, although the naval regatta will be sadly missed this year. The City Guard have confirmed that they will be patrolling at full strength over the festivities, and will not be seeking to win hearts and minds if they discover any lawbreaking.