The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 153

Lady Andrews, Alderman Bottler and Alderman Cutario are said to be deeply disappointed at the failure of William Trueman to support the incumbent Sheriffs in this year’s elections. An attitude which is shared by Alan Monterey who is equally disappointed with Marcus Lambourne for failing to support Olivia Warin. Rumours circulating the Witanmoot suggest that Alderman Trueman and Alderman Lambourne had fallen into an argument outside the Witanmoot hall and had been so engrossed that they had failed to notice that the vote had started. Confused by the non-arrival of their leaders, and wondering if some new deal was being cut, both factions abstained. Fortunately for the embarrassed leaders the result of the vote was as expected with Jenny Davy and Nicolas Bowden being re-elected Sheriff on the votes of Bottler and Cutario against those of Monterey.

Her Highness Princess Selina is pleased to announce the repeal of the unpopular football ban, declaring it “Unnecessary, given the already high state of war preparedness and dedication of the Linrodeth’s marching watch. It is longer necessary for us to stop people having fun in order to force them to practice warfare. The citizens of Linrodeth know their duty and I see no need to prevent them from enjoying themselves.”

The debate surrounding the proposal to prevent the city trading with Reshites turned out to be one of the most energetic and confused debates that the Witanmoot has seen. Despite being the original mover of the motion, Cllr Marcus Lambourne did not seem well prepared and it was left for Jim Bottler to take the lead in putting forward the motion. However before the proposal could progress any further, William Trueman raised a point of order and accused Marcus Lambourne of deliberately misleading the Witanmoot when he described the proposals as "already budgeted for. In fact investigations by Alderman Trueman had identified significant costs relating to the proposals and absolutely no provision for supporting them within any of the budgets. In particular, the implications for the trading viability of the Consortium fleet were deliberately ignored.

The meeting descended into chaos with accusations and counter-accusations flying across the floor. Lady Andrews eventually bought the room to order and declared that debate on the motion would still proceeded. However if it was passed then it would be held in abeyance until the conclusion of a misconduct investigation against Councillor Lambourne. A surprised Alderman Trueman, who had clearly not been prepared for this wise judgement, then gathered his forces to make an attack upon the original motion. “Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to clarify for the house that the Law and Order budget has no budgeted resources to carry out the investigations proposed in the motion put forward by Marcus Lambourne. The only source of funds might be the 200 pound budget proposed to form the investigators who are aimed to be used for the serious task of unearthing the criminal elements who are actively damaging our city. Secondly, we already have effective Laws against the activities the Reshites in Salvoyn are accused of: Human sacrifice is murder. Additionally, anyone convicted of being a Reshite will be banished. Thirdly, this bill would prohibit trade with Salvoyn which we all know is openly Reshite. This would severely impact the profitability of the Consortium which would damage both our income and the push to build more ships. We need those ships! Linrodeth’s security rests in our having the wealth to build ships. We need trade! Without thriving trade we will not have enough resources to resist attackers from either the north or the south. All in all, any attack on our trade is an attack on our freedom. It is clear that this Law would do us more harm than the restriction on trade would ever do to the Reshites and Salvoyn. We do not need this law! Finally, I will not form an inquisition to conduct witch hunts against anybody who someone holds a grudge against.”

With the battle lines clearly drawn, Alderman Bottler then made an even more impassioned speech. “We are told that this will hurt our trade with Salvoyn. The motion refers only to public funds and employments. The treasury is aware of no public funds directly spent on Salvoynian goods and we certainly restrict employment to citizens of Linrodeth. I have faith in our merchants to carry on trade. We are told that the motion is too vague about what constitutes worship. Surely the quality of evidence required is a matter for the law courts to decide? I have faith in our legal system to treat this matter fairly. We are told that there is no need for this motion. Listen to our temples! Is there not a priest in this City who has not implored us to end the Reshite peril? Are their words to fall on an entire Council of deaf ears? This motion supports the will of the gods and in this matter, quite simply, I have faith!" After much acrimonious debate a vote was taken and the proposal was passed by 163 votes to 113 lady Andrews then instructed Alderman Trueman to proceed with the Misconduct Hearing of Councillor Lambourne at the earliest possible opportunity.

Alderman Jim Bottler appears to have thoroughly enjoyed a chance to cull the gulls which have been causing the surveyors so much trouble. The sophistication and enthusiasm with which the Brynette team approached the task of producing a gull catching machine provided a large crowd of spectators with several days of entertainment. The final solution involved a number of what appeared to be engines of war provided by the Citadel, and large nets provided by the delighted fishermen. Alderman Bottler is now believed to be under investigation by Poulterers Guild following the establishment of his briefly successful roast gull barbecue business.

Continuing last month’s approach of not arguing over money, this month’s committee accounts were passed without comment The nominations for Envoy to the Kingdom of the Western Isles are Samuel Rucche and Randolf Flambourd.

The weather for the Midsummer Fair was gloriously fine and the citizens of Linrodeth enjoyed the festival with a huge fair on the Tourney Fields. No doubt Alderman Trueman will be pleased to see the Fair thriving once again. At Kingsport the fleet enjoyed its own festivities with a splendid regatta.

Many fine ships of the Invincible and Resolute class were present and dressed in colourful flags and pennants. The first of the new 1000 ton Consortium ships was launched on the afternoon tide. In the absence of Her Highness, the launching ceremony was done by His Majesty’s Ambassador, Lord Eridan. The Sabre was successfully launched amid much celebration and it is hoped that the others of her class (the Splendid, the Savage, the Sentinel, the Staunch and the Steadfast) can be brought into service as quickly as possible.