The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 147

Tensions have been escalating between the Witanmoot Guard and the refugee camp. The camp leader has now been definitely identified as the same Jasmine who lead the Free Trade movement, and she has made a number of speeches within the camp calling on the people to "rise up against the tyranny of the Guilds" and described the Witanmoot as "murderers with the blood of hundreds of people on their hands". She also attacked the Witanmoot Guard for persecuting people suspected of being from the camp. Gax the Heretic has joined in the debate. Speaking from the Mootstone he announced that he had been informed of plans by Lord Dixon to "sell these people into slavery" and called upon the Witanmoot to "oppose Lord Dixon's dangerous slide into guild-backed oppression".

This month's budget debate generated little controversy. William Trueman's amendment to the trade budget, which will sponsor Linrodeth's best to attend the Dragonfeast, was passed with only Cllr Avery dissenting. Such speed was perhaps a good thing given that by this time most of the guilds were well into their final preparations for the trip. A large caravan left the City by the northern road at the beginning of the month and should arrive with a few days to spare. The Chronicle wishes them good luck.

David Northropp has caused a major upset in the Witanmoot by proposing the following motion "In view of the recent controversy over drugs, this Council instructs the Apothecaries Guild to maintain records of all sales identifying the quantity and type of substance sold and the name of the recipient" Greg Martingale, the Apothecaries Treasurer, is believed to be apoplectic and one source quotes him as suggesting that Northropp was a "bookkeeper with nothing better to do than impose bureaucratic stupidity on professional craftsmen." A stronger challenge may come from Cllr Tiliniel Falgar who has described the motion as "a dangerous interference in internal guild procedures", she went on to warn fellow councillors "not to set a precedent". Guildmaster Marcus Lambourne was less subtle, "The guild will refuse to serve anyone who votes for this absurdity" he warned.

Work has restarted on construction of the City Orphanage. William Trueman was much in evidence and clearly enjoying seeing his efforts come to fruition. Many of the city's other worthies have been eager to show their support and at times it looked like the site might become the location of alternative council meeting. Beatrice Perignon spent significant amounts of time at the site politely pointing out that she had first raised the matter of a city orphanage back in 142. She told the Chronicle "In recent times it has been comforting to know that fellow members of the Witanmoot, especially Miranda Andrews and William Trueman, have continued to make the case for this important project." However Gax the Heretic was somewhat less enthusiastic, "Perhaps Lady Perignon has forgotten that she opposed the city's decision to found a secular orphanage back in 144." All this charitable activity clearly inspired Martin Key, who could be found distributing alms around Levestone this month.


The Midsummer festival proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable day which was saved from a disastrous start when the Witanmoot Guard arrested some orphans who were attempting to ring the Witanmoot bell for muster at 3am. Later in the morning the Marching Watch formed up much more effectively than last time, and most of the Wards were in position within two hours. Welland proved the surprise winner of both the first to form and best turned out prizes. A smug Alderman Isenbard confessed that he had co-opted some professionals from the Dancing Bear and that they had been secretly practising on the Wellhouse field. Also surprising was the chaotic turn-out and carnival 'uniform' of the Berewic watch, who appeared to be intent on celebrating their alderman's wedding day regardless of the circumstances. The early muster meant that there was plenty of time before lunch for the assembled mass to practice manoeuvres. The army even managed to advance across the field in good order before a misunderstanding caused the left flank to halt and things once again de-generated into chaos. It was at this point that a trumpet fanfare from the Citadel echoed across the field and a full muster of the King's Forces marched forth. The regiments formed rapidly at the far end of the field and performed a brief sequence of complex manoeuvres before Sir Salverian ordered their return to the Citadel. The Marching Watch, clearly inspired by this display of discipline, managed to disperse in good order.

After lunch the normal population of the City returned for some serious enjoyment of the fair and the entertainment of traditional foot races, pig wrestling and archery competitions. The more domestic nature of this year's fair was somewhat relieved by the presence of a lively Cascorach delegation of merchants, and some stalls of Orissian traders who had clearly left too late to hear any news of a change in location for the main Dragonfeast. Meanwhile the City's Aldermanic Court gathered at the Witanmoot for the Sheriffs' elections, which proved to be very close run. As the day progressed it looked like the vote would be too close to call with all the candidates looking equally likely to succeed. Many last minute deals were attempted and the various dignitaries seem to have found time between watch duty and picnics to hold a number of hurried meetings. A last minute talk between Lord Dixon and Ann Tasker caused even more speculation, however in the end it was Adam Avery's support for Aralan Derwent which swung the vote:

Aralan Derwent


Anderson, Brehon, Belcher, Derwent, Dixon, Downe, Horl, Isenbard, Martel, Monterey, Pencric, Romanie, Russell, Rimon, Shefford, Tasker

Alison Shefford


Anderson, Brehon, Belcher, Derwent, Dixon, Downe, Horl, Isenbard, Martel, Monterey, Rimon, Shefford,

Ann Tasker


Andrews, Beaureli, Fytton, Hubold, Pencric, Quinn, Romanie, Russell, Spich, Tasker, Tholin, Warin

Olivia Warin


Andrews, Beaureli, Fytton, Hubold, Quinn, Spich, Tholin, Warin

Lord Dixon then used his casting vote to re-elect Ann Tasker to the post of Sheriff and immediately announced that he would be appointing the obviously shocked Alison Shefford to the role of special liaison with the Citadel. Lord Dixon told the Witanmoot that he hoped this new post would prevent any future misunderstandings between the City and Sir Salverian. After the tension and announcement of this result Lady Beatrice Perignon, who had been observing closely from the gallery, commented, " I always expected Aralan to come on top."

The surprise wedding of Aralan Derwent to her journeyman and one time apprentice, Sebastien Chandos, proved to be one of the most enjoyable civic gatherings yet seen. The ceremony and reception were both held within the Torian Temple, with the Knights Hospitallers proving a very effective deterrent to the many gate crashers. The traditional Torian ceremony was presided over by the Abbot and ended with the couple exchanging names and rings before the high altar. It left even the most hardened of Witanmoot cynics with tears in their eyes; the assembled dignitaries even managed to control themselves when the Abbot called for the witnesses to step forward. As could be expected from such a prominent member of the Broiderers guild, Aralan's collection of dresses for the day can only be described as trend setting. The stunning embroidery highlighted the intricate work of Eilonury Beale beautifully. Following Beale's success with Julia Perignon's wedding dress, these two outfits clearly establish her as the city's premier dressmaker. The evening reception was held within the Abbot's private gardens, and in the long and warm dusk a relaxed festival atmosphere prevailed. Lord Dixon was particularly elegant, as was William Trueman who charmed the entire assembly with his moving and impromptu congratulation speech. Both Lady Perignon and Cllr Avery gossiped steadily amongst the revellers. Only Alan Monterey seemed to not be enjoying himself, but nothing was able to dampen the celebrations, even the brief summer lightning storm which blew over in the early evening.

Those overindulging in the Midsummer festivities made a late start on the even wilder celebrations which began early the following day to mark the four-yearly Dragonfeast. The traders fair expanded to include even more merchants stalls; and entertainment was provided by a series of horse races, bull baiting, a number of musical events and plays put on by the Bards College, and an unexpected jousting tournament organised by the Second Cavalry from the Citadel. Jugglers, monkeys, fire swallowers and mummers all added new hazards for the holiday crowd. Throughout the morning various criers announced the imminent Naming Ceremony for Sean Perignon, first grandson of Lady Perignon and great-nephew of Lord Dixon. The ceremony took place at Noon in the Wellhouse under the watchful eye of Shinnanon, who even managed to prevent Chinon Starsinger from interrupting the proceedings with too many refills from the Perignon cellars. Crowds of cheerful onlookers were showered with coins and red flowers when the family procession returned to the Perignon mansion for a magnificent reception, but were consoled when Sheriff Tasker ordered several barrels of ale from nearby hostelries to be donated to celebrate the day's events. It has clearly been an uplifting holiday which has left the whole City in an optimistic mood.