The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 144

Cllr Reg Marc has lodged a formal complaint against Alderman Aralan Derwent following a raid upon the Empty Barrel. The Witanmoot Guard forced their way into the Barrel at three in the morning, assaulted a number of the staff, broke down doors, dragged residents out of their beds and threatened Cllr Marc's life. Aldermen Derwent then questioned a number of residents and left, without laying any charges, giving a reason for the raid or offering an apology. Gax the Heretic who is handling the case for Reg commented, "We cannot allow the imposition of Martial Law to remove our fundamental rights as citizens. Alderman Derwent has clearly exceeded her authority in ordering this unacceptable assault upon a citizen and his business".

The Witanmoot Guard and its connections with the councillors are also being questioned in relation to the murder of Simon Berryfield, who was apprenticed to Cllr Geoffrey Linden. Although Samantha Grange (also apprenticed to Cllr Linden) has been charged with the crime, there are rumours of a cover-up. Various sources have accused Cllr Linden of using his influence to involve the Guard in the intimidation of citizens, and of the Guards' possible contribution to the death of Simon Berryfield. It would appear that only the intervention of Gax the heretic prevented Cllr Linden from blaming an innocent group of young apprentices of indirectly causing this death.

Sheriff Beatrice Perignon has been taken seriously ill. Although the official line is that she is suffering from a stomach complaint, rumours persist of a poisoning or even an outbreak of summer plague. Despite the illness she is apparently determined to officiate at Aralan Derwent's hearing.

Our councillors appear to be close to setting a budget for the city which will include severe tax increases – both on citizens and the guilds. A major crisis has been avoided following the personal intervention of Sheriff Matthew Dixon, who is credited with having negotiated gifts to the city from the temples of Brynette, Hahn, Esprayenna and Daleth, which equal the funds the city gives them each year. However all is not yet settled, there is still a £400 shortfall and councillors will have to vote on whether to cut the donation to the Temple of Torus or accept an offer from the Carpenters guild to make a loan the city. Cllr Adam Avery seems to be the only person to take issue with the overall budget, although his proposals seem to be gathering a reasonable level of support. Avery has suggested that the level of record keeping at the docks be further reduced and that the donation to Torus be cut to £250. Ann Tasker the Chair of Welfare and Education, is refusing to take responsibility for the feeding of the homeless. "This is surely a matter for the Committee for lands and Agriculture," she told the Chronicle.

The Midsummer Fair was well attended this year with many people trying to shake off their depression following the city fire. A larger than normal number of stalls demonstrated the determination of many citizens to rebuild their ruined businesses, however the day's focus was as always on the sports. The fine weather helped in the breaking of a number of records, including an amazing display of archery by Miranda Andrews. The weather did however make the pig wrestling something of a non-event with Jasper Tinny emerging from a massive dust cloud to claim the prize. There was at least some drama; A clearly illegal football challenge took place, and Cllr Drumm's irate comments following the theft of his newly donated Avigon Cup provided entertainment for a large crowd.

Alan Monterey and Richard Firethorn have announced an agreement with the Brewers and the Vintners guilds to supply cheap beer and wine to the damaged areas of the city. However before you all rush to move wards, the reason it will be cheap is that it will be watered down.

Citizens are warned that tension in the Floating Market remains high. A number of minor fights have occurred around the Dowgate entrance and the Kinjuru section in particular seems less than friendly. Rumours persist of a number of raids and counter raids between them and the Athion sector.