The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 143

The Witanmoot Guard, in a brave and heroic battle, have destroyed the bandit group which has been plaguing the merchants of this city and seriously damaging trade with Nyskilde. The Guard discovered a bandit ambush and, although terribly outnumbered, they attacked in order to save the caravan which was approaching. Over twenty bandits were killed and many others were captured. All of the guard received serious injuries and Corporal Mojo, who valiantly lead the Guard, unfortunately died of his wounds. In an emotional speech Lady Samantha Cox paid tribute to the Guard and in particular to Corporal Mojo who she described as, "a brave and enterprising man". She went on to say, "The people of Linrodeth can be justly proud of the Guard who provide an example to all of us in their fearless devotion to the service of the city".

The Guard were in the countryside providing an escort to the Astrologer Royal. Citizens are asked not to be concerned by the strange flying boats which he conjured to locate the local burial mounds and stone circles. The Witanmoot was aware of and fully sanctioned this investigation.

Investigations by the Guard into the bandits showed them to be backed by factions within the city. Initially suspicion fell upon councillor Aralan Derwent, whose bodyguard was seen talking to the bandits on a number of occasions, and who is known to have business interests in the city of Nyskilde. However it transpired that the real culprit was an agent of an unknown city state by the name of Theresa Holbourn. This agent had managed to gain a position as the cook to Cllr Gillian Howe and is believed to have passed sensitive trade information out of the city. Unfortunately she ran when confronted by the Guard and, after a cross country chase and a fight with the Guard, she was killed by Cllr Aralan Derwent who had been assisting the investigation.

Alderman Ann Tasker and Lady Cox have been in close consultation with the Citadel about the preparations for the Dragonfeast. In addition to all the usual sports for which magnificent trophies have been prepared, a grand public barbeque is to take place on the Tournyfields with free beer and ale. In an attempt to prevent a plague a vast encampment has been prepared on the far riverbank for all the visitors to the city. Two huge floating bridges will be constructed across the Ishtan to permit free movement during the festival. A tapestry worth £100 will be presented to His Majesty as a token of the city's respect for him. One person who won't be joining in the festivities is Alan Monterey of Levestone, who has spoken out against the expense, arguing that the money could have been better spent upon the freshwater project of Richard Firethorn.

Richard Firethorn's motion of censure against Larken Drumm and Adam Avery was overwhelmingly voted down. Cllr Drumm was less than tactful in his description of Cllr Firethorn, and the Chronicle is surprised that another duel has not yet taken place. Councillors Avery and Drumm have, however, far more to be embarrassed about than the motion of censure as it has become apparent that neither of them issued the challenge, and that they were both duped into the fight. The person responsible for this was none other than Theresa Holbourn, who was killed by Cllr Derwent.

The Hearing of Harry Truestaff resulted in the dismissal of the accusations against him. Despite skilful questioning by Ann Tasker, Poppy Soboll was unable to provide a coherent account of events on the night. Cllr Truestaff was also able to demonstrate that he had left the party by the time the event was claimed to have occurred. Despite this two of the female members of the Truestaff group have decided to move to safer factions this month. Melanie Romanie to Beatrice Perignon's faction and Jenny Davy to Richard Firethorn's.

Late News! Late News! Late News! Late News!

The results of the Sheriffs elections were an overwhelming victory for Beatrice Perignon and Matthew Dixon:

Perignon = 16

(EA, MA, DB, NB, AC, MD, AF, AG, GH, LL, ML, BP, PP, MR, AT, NW)

Dixon = 15

(EA, BB, DB, NB, DD, MD, JD, JI, SF, AS, LL, ML, BP, MR, OW)

Griffiths = 7

(BB, DB, SF, AG, AS, NW, OW)

Andrews = 7

(MA, AC, JD, AF, GH, JI, AT)