The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 142

The proposal that the Witanmoot Guard patrols Linrodeth Bridge has been passed overwhelmingly by Council, despite protests from the Ward of Bridge and the Chairman of the Trade Committee. The proposal was passed by 158 votes to 50, and included a requirement for the Trade budget to provide funds, hence presumably, the protests. The Land & Agriculture budget has also been unveiled, and remains unchanged from last year. In anticipation of the forthcoming Midsummer elections, Matthew Dixon has suggested some electoral reform, and in a full session of the council proposed, "That from the Midsummer 143 election, each elector for the sheriffs shall have two votes. The two votes must be cast for different candidates (but one or both votes may be abstentions). In the event of a tie, the votes of the Lord of the City shall count double." Cllr Mowbray, while claiming to support the principle of the motion, offered the following amendment, which he claimed would prevent a number of potential problems with the original motion. "That the Lord of the City shall not normally vote, but shall have a casting vote with which to resolve any tie."

Aralan Derwent has once again been seen dining at Mrs Blessop's carvery in the company of Sir Henry Longbridge, and once more it would appear that Sir Henry has added to her jewellery collection. Perhaps Sir Henry is unaware that the reason Aralan keeps needing new jewellery is that she has flogged off all his previous gifts in order to finance her speculative business ventures.

Adverts have started to appear about the new Avigon fête, scheduled for Setheran Lastday, which Gax the Heretic has been promoting in his latest speaking tour. Sir Paston Courtney has confirmed that he will be opening the fête and signing autographs in positively his last public engagement before retiring to his manor. Unkind eavesdroppers have noted that Alderman Perignon also offered to open the fête, and is now having to get her ego reinflated.

Elsewhere, the hectic social whirlwind of Olnorth Dexter has been halted by an unexpected challenge to duel. The challenge comes from none other than his own sidekick, Irving Grendle, who is reckoned to be a fairly flashy wielder of the rapier outside his hours in the council chamber. The challenge appears to stem from certain derogatory remarks made by Alderman Dexter at a glittering summer ball hosted by Augustus Merle of the Goldsmiths guild. The duel will be at sunrise on Setheran Firstday, and will undoubtedly be a more exciting affair than Alderman Dexter's previous, unfortunate encounter.

Cllr Buggs Moran of Dowgate has demanded that the City take action against the drumming from the floating market, which has if anything increased in both intensity and volume. She told the Chronicle, "This is just typical of our Government's 'somebody else's problem' attitude over the Floating Market. It's about time someone actually did something, rather than just hoping that if they ignore it long enough it will go away."


The results of the hotly contested sheriffs posts are;

Beatrice Perignon 11

Alan Griffiths 6

Elliot Anderson 5