The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 141

Their Majesties King Edmund and Queen Emma are delighted to announce that Her Royal Highness, the Princess Eleanor, is expecting the birth of her first child around Midwinter. Their Majesties will be providing scores of casks of ale to the wards of Linrodeth on Midsummer Day, so that all loyal citizens can celebrate this announcement. The Chroniclers offer their congratulations, and have two questions: (a) is this the reason for Goodgulf re-arranging the astrological charts, and (b) has anyone told the father yet?

The Witanmoot have announced the following nominations for the two Sheriff posts. They are: Alan Griffiths (Andrews, Rimon) Samantha Cox (Warin, Mowbray) Kennet Maxil (Lansdowne, Horl) Voting will take place over the Midsummer festival at the Witanmoot.

An open letter to Cllr Beatrice Perignon Councillor,

So you had to take the first move. Not only do you condone a murderous attack on my nephew, Roland Dixon, but you cause trouble in Levestone, and cause Malcolm Mowbray, both yours and my Alderman, a great deal of trouble. But the last straw has to be your false accusation that Alderman Elliot Anderson started the riots! How could he? He was in Ishtan being visited by all and sundry (e.g., Alderman Malcolm Mowbray and Cllr Aralan Derwent). So please, don't do anything that would mean that I had to request Lord Paston Courtney to relieve me of my duties as emissary to Nyskilde, and thus return to solve the pending matters between us.

Yours Sincerely, Cllr Matthew Dixon

Lord Paston Courtney wishes to announce that Roland Dixon has been pardoned of the responsibility for the death of Guimar Perignon. The Committee for Law & Order is tracking down the person or persons responsible for stirring up the trouble between the families which led to this tragic incident. Commenting on the announcement, Malcolm Mowbray, Chair of the committee said, "I wish he'd make his mind up".

After the recent months of blisteringly hot weather, the harvest this year is likely to be early. Although Temple of Daleth is still expressing concern over the lack of rain, this year's harvest should also be very good. Following the problems experienced in the last few years this will come as a welcome change for the Cornmongers and their customers.

Matters in the ward of Levestone seem to have settled down and the watch has once again taken over responsibility for the ward. Commenting on the situation Alderman Mowbray told the Chronicle, "I can assure the citizens of this city that the troublemakers who started this will be tracked down and dealt with. One thing I would like to clear up is the report that I had summoned Elliot Anderson to a hearing over the matter. That hearing was in fact to discuss some rumours concerning Beatrice Perignon which I believed him to be the source of. Although his actions may well have contributed to situation, I have now been convinced that he himself was not behind the riots."

Lord Festus Perara, Ambassador from the Court of Kerun, is pleased to announce that the Princess Selina Karandreos will be visiting Salvoyn over the summer months. The state visit is at the personal invitation of the King and Queen.