The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 140

With less than two weeks to go until the Royal Wedding, the Chroniclers are pleased to report the timely arrival of the Bridegroom in the city of Linrodeth. The Duke's entourage consisted only of a light mounted escort; but no doubt the caravan of servants, wedding clothes, household treasury and fine gifts for his beloved bride will arrive later. Out on the Tourney Fields, the wedding enclosure has been completed and the rest of the area is now covered with the camps of visitors too poor to stay inside the city. Despite the hot weather the marsh continues to be hazardous to the unwary, and Lord Courtney has ordered ropes laid around the edge of it after some tents sank without trace overnight.

The influx of visitors for the Princess' wedding has been causing problems in a number of wards. As the city fills up and accommodation becomes scarce a number of complaints have been made against the Hostlers Guild for "raising prices to ludicrous levels". A spokesman for the Guild stated that they were only reacting to the demands of the market and could not be blamed for the problem. A number of citizens who have been forced out of their accommodation by the price hike are considering further action.

The Temple of Torus has issued a warning that the crowded situation within the city is likely to lead to a serious risk of plague, and have asked Lord Courtney to close the city gates to further visitors. Physickian Maelenun said that "with the increased population, many of whom are living in unsuitable conditions, there is an obviously increased risk of disease. Everyone should be on their guard, and any incidence of fever should be reported to the temple immediately."

Amid growing concern over the recent crime wave, Alderman Cox has issued instructions for all watches to be strengthened. Most of the trouble seems to stem from the rowdiness around the taverns as the celebrations begin to get into full swing. It is believed that the Committee for Law and Order is considering closing some of the worst establishments and/or hiring mercenaries to keep order. They have denied rumours that they have appealed to the Citadel for help.

The trial of Beatrice Perignon was held last week, in a blisteringly hot courtroom presided over by Lord Paston Courtney. Armundus Septer's evidence was concisely delivered by Pendentite Jeremiah, and vouched for by Cllr Matthew Dixon. In defence Pendentite Antonius gave the courtroom an entertaining summary of the ongoing feud between Cllrs Perignon and Dixon, and cast doubt on the credibility of the evidence. Alderman Mowbray then gave evidence, on behalf of the Vintners' Guild, that Beatrice's accounts had been fully audited by the guild and were all in order. Further witnesses were called by both sides, and tempers began to fray in the heat of the afternoon. As the tide of opinion slowly turned against Beatrice Perignon, Lord Courtney brought the trial to a close. A verdict of guilty was eventually returned, and Lord Courtney sentenced Mrs Perignon to be banished from the city. It is believed that Beatrice has already left the city to spend the summer on her southern estates.

In a subdued hearing before Alderman James Isenbard, a tired and drawn Reg Marc refuted the allegations of treachery and sedition made by Alderman Mowbray. A written testimony was provided by Malcolm Mowbray, who was too ill to attend in person. Alderman Isenbard took only half an hour to decide that the allegations were "unsubstantiated rumours" and dismissed them.

Later in a surprise announcement at the 'Empty Barrel', Reg Marc resigned from his office as a councillor for the ward of Welland. This was apparently on the advice of the Torians priests, who have told him to stay away from stressful activities. The bulk of the Marccs' business is now being handled by his son Carl, and it is expected that Alderman Isenbard will also invite Carl to replace Reg in the wardmoot.

Nominations for the shrievalties have now closed with only three nominations having been made, Kennet Maxil has once again been nominated, this time by Lilith Landsdowne and Gibian Horl. He is challenged by the Chairman for Law and Order Samantha Cox (nominated by Aldermen Shefford and Worton), and by Alan Griffiths the well respected Alderman of Dracas. Rumours that Elliot Sparman would run, thereby offering the possibility of both Sheriffs coming from the same ward, seem to have been unfounded.

Ex-councillor Ellis Devon died in prison last week. His widow had been campaigning vigorously for his release on humanitarian grounds, and has recently become quite vocal in denouncing the conditions in our prisons. A spokesman for the prison told us "Although Mr Devon's death is regrettable, it should be remembered that he was a convicted traitor, who was originally sentenced to death. I find the idea that we should imprison people in pleasant conditions difficult to understand, imprisonment is after all meant to be a punishment."

Alderman Shefford of Bardsgate has this week announced the arrest of the thieves responsible for the jewellery thefts which have plagued the ward. In a statement to the Chronicle she explained, "the thieves were tracked down by a group of students who have been working on the crimes since the beginning of the year. The thieves were based in Bassishaw, and were coming into this ward and the ones near it to commit their crimes". One of the items recovered is believed to be a bronze casket stolen from Vanessa St Lawrence nearly two years ago, which was serving as the thieves' storage chest.