The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 139

Trade in Linrodeth is rapidly grinding to a halt as more and more merchants make their way south for the Royal Dragonfeast at Salvoyn. Even the docks are unusually quiet and look set to become entirely deserted by the time of the Midsummer fair. Many Guilds are worried by their sudden drop in income and are calling for action from the City Council. Within the last week the problem has been made worse by news of a heavy tariff imposed by the Ladies of Salvoyn on foreign merchants. Both these problems fall squarely in the lap of James Isenbard, the Chairman of Trade, who is even now arranging urgent talks with Samantha Cox and Alan Griffiths.

Elsewhere in the city Mrs Maud Blessop has been facing some severe criticism after her slanderous attack on Alderman Suzan Faithside. In an informal meeting with her own Alderman, Martin Key, Mrs Blessop was fined £3 and informed of Lord Raphael's decision to ban her from future civic balls. Earlier demands for a full trial seem to have been dropped.

Linrodeth’s spring romances appear to have wilted in the heat of summer. After last months entanglements Alderman Samantha Cox has been deserted by both her lovers. Gibian Horl has even left the city entirely; boarding a southbound trade ship. Old man Septer is, of course, visibly relieved. Thomas Castlemaine, jilted lover of the courtier Lady Sapphire, is made of sterner stuff. Often this past month he has been seen beneath the royal apartments of the Hahnite Temple, serenading his beloved and persistently sending gifts of flowers, jewellery and rare perfumes. He caused considerable consternation among the Hahnite Priesthood when it was suddenly realised that he was courting, not the Lady Sapphire, but the young Princess herself. Shortly thereafter Cllr Castlemaine made his first foray over the Temple wall and was duly detained by the Guards. A spokesman for the Archimandrite stated that he would not be released until after the Princess' Ball.

This has been a bumper month for snoopers and gossipmongers with investigation after investigation whispering its way through the Witanmoot. Now far be it from the Chroniclers to spoil any councillor's fun, but shouldn't they really be spending our hard-earned taxes on solving the city's problems?

Meanwhile the hot weather has been adversely affecting Malcolm Mowbray's judgement. Once again our righteous young councillor has got into a quarrel and must now meet Elliott Anderson in a duel. He seems to be trying to don the mantle of the departed Crimson Councillor; it is suggested that perhaps he should start by improving his duelling technique?

Coming Soon – a special Chronicle supplement on the Princess' Ball.