The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 137

Welcome to summer. The Chroniclers wish to apologise for a small delay in publication. This was due to a move to the new, larger premises. Despite the hot weather, the incidence of 'summer sickness' has been light this year. The chronicle notes however that the royal household is taking no chances, and a move to the royal hunting lodge upriver is planned.

Final lists for the Midsummer Tournament have been posted in the market places. The archery contest has proved uncommonly popular, and several eliminating rounds will be held before the final contest. Entries for the joust have been a little thin this year, since many knights are away in the southern campaign; however the lance contest has been well supported by the 2nd Cavalry, who incidentally are also providing a display of mounted manoeuvres. Sword and quarter staff prizes are also contended, although no-one has yet taken up the Kinjuru envoy's challenge to try the Fara'ket. Away from the royal stands, Fat Sal is the hot favourite for the wrestling purse. The Masons Guild have kindly provided sponsorship for the new game of bugger, the prize is the 'Stone Cup'.

Master Thorold the Apothecary left town last month, noisily claiming that he had been put out of business by "foul rumours and vicious lies". A spokeswoman for the Torian priests merely commented that he was welcome to sue
for defamation of character if he wished. As well as lack of customers, Thorold has of late been disturbed by noisy gatherings of neighbours, usually late at night.

Another man was murdered this month while returning from watch duty. Thomas and Richard Wainwright were both shot as they returned home on Secondday. Thomas died instantly. Richard however is presently being tended by the Torian priests. His condition is described as critical and the arrow which is lodged near his heart has not been removed. Both are sons of Councillor Wainwright, who refused to speak to the Chronicle.

This attack brings the trade war theory into doubt as Councillor Wainwright is a Master Baker. Alderman Rimon in an interview with the Chronicle commented. "This is an obvious attempt by the criminal elements in our society to intimidate the watch. We are not going to be turned from our duty by a few deaths, no matter how dear the people are to us. The Watch will continue to keep our streets safe at night. It is only a matter of time before the people behind these murders are brought to justice and I for one will show no mercy. If
any citizen, no matter how lowly, knows who is responsible they should inform the council immediately. To encourage anyone who may fear reprisals I am offering a reward of two pounds."

When asked whether the council would take up the Knight Marshall's offer of putting the troops on the streets he replied " This would set a dangerous precedent, the City of Linrodeth is quite capable of policing itself without the assistance of the Knight Marshall".

Gax the Heretic is believed to have found a sponsor in the form of Councillor Marc. A series of public debates is to be announced, and Gax is already laying plans for a summer tour of the nearby market towns. Meanwhile Gax wishes to thank all citizens who have already contributed to the Lemon-aid fund, in particular the Vintners Guild for donation of a small plot of land outside Bardsgate.

The new Hahn Law School has been particularly noticeable for its absence. Rumour in the Guilds is that
the temple is short of cash, however a source close to the temple commented "we're not worried. Pendentite Edward has staked his reputation on the success of the project". Pendentite Edward was unavailable for comment.

Sirs, Having been recently prevented from fulfilling my duty as a spokesman at the Council Chambers, I find it necessary to accuse our Council of misconduct. It is well known that I was forcibly held during the last two months. Despite this the Council refuses to reconvene the hearing on the petition for a Thatchers Guild. This is a blatant attempt by the Carpenters, and their lackeys the Masons to prevent justice being done. I am shocked that our esteemed councillors have allowed themselves to be manipulated in this fashion.

Marc, Thatcher

The proprietors of the Bull and Bucket announce that they are closing for repairs until further notice.