Major Events

Kruthos 136

Banning of Football

Galemir 137

Temple of Hahn begins construction of new law school

Heliora 138

Granting of a Guild Charter to the Thatchers

Menderal 139

Princess Eleanor’s 18th Birthday Ball

Kryll 140

Sweet water project proposed

Heliora 141

Levestone Riots

Kruthos 141

Battle of Berewic

Pipetal 142

Announcement of the birth of Princess Alexis

Pipetal 144

Great Fire of Linrodeth

Jasmarill 146

Battle of Nyskilde

Setheran 147

Death of King Edmund Carlingas

Kryll 147

Civil War, Linrodeth declares for King Kieran

Springtide 148

Invasion of Linrodeth by Princess Selina

Heliora 151

Birth of Prince Sikander

Setheran 151

Battle of the three roads

Ternost 152

Victory over the Noord

Kruthos 153

Death of Prince Edwin

Jasmarill 153

Invasion of the Noordic Isles

Menderal 153

Repeal of the Football ban

Galemir 153

Discovery of the LFF

Galemir 155

Destruction of the Salvoyn Fleet

Heliora 155

Start of the Siege of Salvoyn

Heliora 156

Loss of the Nyskilde Venture Company