The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 155

The siege of Salvoyn continues with neither trade nor food permitted to enter the port. Duke Faure de Lamonte has launched a probing attack by raft through the upriver marshes, and has destroyed some outlying buildings. The Linrodeth Navy continues to block seaward access, but its freshwater supplies at Belisle Port continue to be a problem and may hinder operations. The Admiralty has increased its water allocation to merchant vessels heading further south to the city states, and has also issued an official warning about increased “pirate” activity around Zedigal.

The Citadel is returning to normal following the abrupt departure of Duke Alexander and his armed retinue. The troop departed on an easterly road towards the Great Fens, presumably following up new information acquired during their recent investigations on Linrodeth's streets. Despite this departure, speculation continues that Princess Alexis is being held captive within Linrodeth for increasingly absurd amounts of ransom money.

The Nyskilde Venture Company may be forced to abandon its plan of campaign due to a shortage of vessels and able-bodied seamen. The Admiralty Board has moved quickly to ensure that any useable resources are either employed by the Consortium or commandeered by the Navy. The Nyskilde Venture Company is understood to be considering alternative plans, including a long overland trek or use of a very large fishing fleet.

Aldermen William Trueman and Alan Monterey are united in their campaign for the Witanmoot Investigation Agency to be bought under firm control with an open and accountable reporting structure and finance. Alderman Ryman remains a very vocal supporter of the agency in its fight against criminal elements with the city, and has chosen to leave the Monterey faction in protest. The Witanmoot looks set to become divided on the issue with some councillors pleased that someone is finally tackling street crime, and others remain deeply worried by the role of the agency in the mystical events of the Dragonfeast. The disagreements rumble on while one agency captain refuses to answer any Witanmoot questions on the subject, and the other captain turning up unconscious in the Torian Infirmary.

News from the Dalethian Temple confirms that this year's wheat harvest has been very much better than expected, despite the damp and miserable conditions earlier in the summer. Speculators planning on cashing in on the grain surplus are disconcerted to discover that almost all of it has been purchased ahead of time. Repeated statements from nearby towns expressed the sentiment that it had been acquired "for State, City, and the Consortium". And indeed Alderman Petro Cutario is looking extremely pleased with himself in recent days.

Scholars from the Bards College have been invited to catalogue the contents of a house in Cadene. This unusual step was taken after neighbours discovered the remains of the owner, old Ron Nevis, slumped in the garden privy. The very elderly gent and was known to be a formidable hoarder, but investigators were surprised to discover over 2000 items of parchment and vellum squirrelled away amongst the junk. Early plans for a hygienic burn and clear of the house contents have been halted while scholars try to understand what the documents are and where they originally came from. Old Ron was said to have worked as a janitor at many city institutions over the course of his long life, and to have been fired from most of them for pilfering.