The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 151

News has been received that King Kieran's army has encamped for the winter along the River Tyrill in the Duchy of Orbihan. The relentless pursuit of the Regency army appears to have lost momentum when troops received rumours that part of the retreating Royal Treasury had become bogged down while crossing the tidal estuary. The Host of Eresan proved to be much diverted by this piece of fortune, and King Kieran opted to call a halt rather than push forward into the Salvoynian heartlands. A line of wooden fortifications is being erected along the valley, and no doubt the offensive will continue next Springtide.

Back in Linrodeth Alderman William Trueman has launched a scathing attack on Cllr Lambourne, describing Lambourne's views on the defence of the city as "irresponsible". Others within the Witanmoot chamber have waded in and many of the speeches were clearly aimed at positioning for the Lambourne hearing. Surprisingly Alderman Trueman's later chairmanship of the Hearing was scrupulously fair and balanced. The decision he faced between condemning Lambourne for his views, and permitting him the right to express them fully, weighed heavily on him. Pendentite Antonious, acting for the Defence, explained that in order to be guilty of misconduct Cllr Lambourne would have had to be acting against the interests of the Witanmoot or in an inappropriate manner. "I contest that challenging the executive is an entirely right and proper activity of a councillor," he declared to much applause. However Sheriff Bowden is clearly not going to let this one go. He explained that his accusation of Misconduct was not aimed at the precise remarks Cllr Lambourne made, but rather at Cllr Lambourne failure to act in the best interest of the city, last month's comments only being one example of this. "Cllr Lambourne has made no secret of his sympathies for Kieran. I believe he has put these sympathies ahead of the interests of the city." After a long and closely argued Hearing, Alderman Trueman reserved his judgement in order to consult with other senior members of the Witanmoot before making a decision.

There are rumours of severe problems within the Lambourne faction with several key members close to resignation. It seems that the Lambourne Hearing has been their last straw, and the faction is splintering in acrimonious recriminations. One Witanmoot insider told the Chronicle "That faction has always been a loose consortium held together by the desire for power. Lambourne is pro Kieran, Davy is pro Selina and Saunders is pro Edward. I'm surprised it didn't fall apart months ago."

Alderman Jim Bottler's motion calling for the return of exiles has received widespread support. with Marcus Lambourne in particular voicing his appreciation of "Bottler's courage" and Alan Monterey describing the exiles as "an embarrassing blot". The motion was passed by a large majority with only the Cutario and Trueman groups objecting. Following the motion, however, Lady Andrews refused to act without first receiving permission from Princess Selina; and this permission has not yet been received. With this and Cllr Lambourne's attacks on Linrodeth's military policy, a dangerous split appears to be opening up between the Citadel and the Witanmoot.

Alderman Monterey took advantage of a lull in the Witanmoot infighting to ask the Chair of Shipping what preparations he has made to ensure that booty brought back by privateers has indeed been obtained from Her Highness' enemies. Alderman Osbert pointed out that Letters of Marque were issued by the Princess' office, and could be withdrawn equally efficiently should the law courts of uphold prosecutions against shipowners who abused the terms of those Letters. He expressed confidence that any problems could be dealt with within the existing legal structure pointing out that, while it was possible to appoint a special Commission of Enquiry (with powers to enter, search and confiscate business records and premises), such a Commission would be highly bureaucratic and deeply intrusive on the guilds.

Amazingly a city budget has finally been presented for approval. A grumpy Alan Monterey has been inspecting it in detail, and William Trueman took time in the Witanmoot to praise his dedication and to suggest that the choice for the post Treasury should be simple next year. Monterey has also made nominations for the Envoys to Cascorach (Blessop) and Eresan (Bergeren), although the roles are purely ceremonial given the complete lack of funding and late season of the year.