The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 150

Fighting has broken out between the city forces of Princess Selina and the army of King Kieran. In a speech to the Witanmoot the Chairman for Lands and Agriculture has confirmed that Kieran's forces are attempting to either disrupt or capture parts of the city's harvest. Alderman Capel described King Kieran's move as, "an outrageous and unprovoked act of aggression which threatens the life of every person in the City". She expressed satisfaction with the reaction from our army; the cavalry have inflicted several crushing defeats upon the raiders, although the number of wounded soldiers arriving at the Torian temple implies that as yet that no major engagement has taken place. Princess Selina still appears to be seeking to avoid a pitched battle and it is rumoured that a personal meeting is being arranged. The Princess expressed hope that the conflict was the result of "a misunderstanding or the actions of rogue, undisciplined units". However she announced her determination to defend the harvest. She told the Chronicle, "I have sent envoys to Prince Kieran making it absolutely clear that any encroachment by his troops into Linrodeth's lands is at best an act of banditry and at worst an act of war. The army stand ready to respond appropriately to either."

The first flourish of pre-election activity has taken place with most of the remaining independents joining factions in order to boost their chances of re-election. The Chronicle has also noted a dramatic increase in the desire of Councillors to be noticed. For once, this is welcome as our politicians have a good reason to expect that the city will be grateful for their recent actions in dealing with the plague. Justifiable praise has been heaped upon William Trueman and Richard Saunders for leading the efforts, however the mood of the city was best summed up by the words of Alderman Monterey who commented that everyone had worked together and "proved that Linrodeth can face any threat united and strong" and it made him "proud to be a citizen".

Confusion and perhaps a brewing crisis surrounds what will happen to those citizens who fail to vote in the forthcoming elections. The law states that "All current citizens must take this oath upon the occasion of their first voting in an election or will lose their citizenship." Current Hahnite opinion seems to be split on whether failing to vote will cause someone to lose their citizenship or whether a loss of citizenship will only occur if the person votes but then fails to take the oath. It seems likely that a debate in the Witanmoot will be required to resolve the issue, however as yet no-one has been brave enough to reopen the conflict caused by the original motion. How much the new Oath of Fealty requirement will affect the forthcoming election is unclear. some pundits are suggesting it will create an anti-Selina backlash whereas others believe that the act of oath taking will encourage people to think more about future of the city, thereby resulting an a more forward looking Witanmoot being elected. Either way the Chronicle suspects that the coming election will require most of the fence-sitters to take a position on the key issues facing the city.

General Olvini has now fully mobilised the city's professional forces and the Sheriffs have been advised of the likelihood that the Marching Watch will need to be called out. Both Sheriffs have expressed delight with the level of turn-out so far achieved during the practice sessions, with the wards of Levestone and Faringdon both producing noteworthy displays of organisation. The Chronicle notes with interest that members of the Monterey faction are in particular very active in ensuring that the new watch structure will work. No doubt they are aware of the consequences for them and others who have supported the new regime should Kieran take control of the city.

William Trueman has made a dramatic and highly public denunciation of the Reshites. Echoing the words of Linrodeth's Archimandrite, he described the Reshites as "poisonous murderers who had slaughtered the innocents of Cascorach and who were now bringing their foul heresy to our city". Alderman Trueman's words have been taken to imply that he believes the rumours circulating in the city that the Reshites are responsible for poisoning many of Linrodeth's wells.

Alan Monterey has proposed that the bill for the wall repairs be paid promptly thereby digging into the city reserves. Alderman de Clare expressed surprise and gratitude, but also commented that it was a shame it required a motion to council in order to get paid on time.