The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 148

News has arrived from Salvoyn of advances by Prince Edward in his campaign for the southlands. Since turning attention away from Linrodeth last year, Edward's army has been kept busy trying to oppose Princess Eleanor's cavalry forces. After a succession of manoeuvres and skirmishes throughout the summer, his army claims to have forced the 'rebellious knights' into retreat across the mountains, and is now poised to attack Cascorach itself. Salvoynian merchants are hoping for a speedy conclusion to the rebellion, and have confirmed that the port has recently given shelter to the Kings Fleet. The naval forces disclosed that they had retreated from a major engagement with Noordic longships. It seems that the city of Nyskilde has once again been conquered by the Noord clans. Prince Kieran's ranger regiments were heavily defeated in their attempt to defend the city, and Prince Kieran is widely reported to have died in the fighting.

Closer to home, Dalethian Wellkeepers have reported an average harvest. With minor exceptions, the harvesting in Baronies subject to Linrodeth has not been unduly disrupted. Reports that large quantities of the grain have been concealed by lords and peasants alike have already reached the Witanmoot and the situation is being monitored by Princess Selina's office. The Cornmongers guild has pledged to hold bread prices steady for at least a month, while the situation is investigated. Citizens are requested not to demand huge increases on their usual orders. Cllr Gemma Downe has pointed out that the most recent batch of Citadel grain will be available to cover immediate demand.

Work on a stone replacement for the Portwall has officially started now that a full complement of construction guilds has been assembled. The teams ran into an immediate snag when the ownership of the demolished wood was disputed. The carpenters have commandeered the use of the wood, claiming that this is part of their negotiated contract Witanmoot representatives have lodged an injunction to prevent its reuse, claiming that it is the city's to resell or reuse. A further complication is the claim of the Shipwrights Guild that the wood was 'on loan' from them to the city for its defences, and that it should be returned if it is no longer needed. At this rate, the case could well become one of the first items to be heard under the Archimandrite's new justice system.

The Witanmoot is scrambling to recount its assets after it emerged that none of the treasury clerks had filed a copy of Trueman's carefully revised Budget papers. An unseemly rush to draw up a new version was much helped by Cllr Trueman's personal notes of his budget. It is believed that Lady Tasker has been seriously embarrassed in her efforts to promote democratic rule to the Princess' office. The Princess' auditors have refrained from comment.

A diplomatic incident was narrowly averted last week over a huge explosion at the Citadel. The centre of the blast appears to be the small astrologer's tower perched on the uppermost roofs of the Citadel. It appears that neither the Kerunian army nor the Citadel defences were responsible for event which cause minor damage to the tower and several injuries from falling masonry. Observers have since concluded that the watchman may have attempted to alleviate his boredom by exploring the tower's contents. The citadel has confirmed that their watchman did not survive his curiosity.

The ward of Dowgate has been thrown into turmoil following the disappearance of their Alderman, Alice Fytton, along with the treasury of the Fruiterers guild. Her supporters have objected to the obvious conclusion, and are launching their own ward enquiries. Speculation that the more criminal elements of the ward may have taken revenge is circulating the local taverns. Any witnesses to the movements of Alice Fytton on Thirday, Firstweek last month are requested to contact the Fruiterers Guild, or Cllr Syd Reed at the 'Frozen Ferret'.

Cllr Jim Bottler is also launching enquiries from the 'Mooning Barrel' in Welland. Concern for the safety of officers patronising the pub is a source of some worry to the ward. A number of citizens have complained about the increasing belligerence of mercenaries from the 'Dancing Bear' on the other side of the ward, and it is believed that the intrepid councillor's investigation may start there.