The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 141

On the first day after the Higharvestide feast, Lord Paston Courtney convened a special court for the trial of Councillor Armundus Septer. The defendant was noticeably more alert than on the previous occasion, but even from the public galleries it was apparent that the year's events had taken a toll on his health.

The prosecution opened with a lengthy account of the riot in Levestone during Heliora, and of Alderman Mowbray's subsequent investigation into its start. A number of ringleaders were identified, both by the Alderman and during the testimony of a pale Beatrice Perignon, whose house was the main target of the rioters. Oddly, Cllr Perignon also appeared to blame the rioters for the death of her son Guimar. Testimony from Charles Smith, a journeyman of the Dixon household, described how one of the ringleaders had approached him the afternoon before the riots, and had tried to bribe him to join in. The prosecution concluded with the results of the interrogation of the ringleaders, which revealed that their funding had come from a cloaked patron, who they identified as Armundus Septer due to his distinctively slurred voice.

The defending Mandatien began by establishing an alibi for Armundus on the night he was suspected of having met the rioters. She then called several of the Witanmoot Guard to confirm that the mob had been chanting in support of the exiled Roland Dixon throughout the night of rioting. The defence went on to show that a person matching Roland's description had been seen in the area on the night of the meeting, the implication being that Roland had been impersonating Armundus for his own ends. As the court adjourned for the night it appeared that this explanation was accepted, and Lord Courtney indicated that a verdict would be given first thing in the morning.

The following day Lord Courtney's summing up was rudely interrupted by the sudden and noisy appearance of Roland Dixon himself, dragging a less than serene Wellkeeper behind him. Despite the efforts of the Witanmoot Guard, Roland refused to be quieted until Lord Courtney allowed him to take the oath and give testimony. Roland then insisted that much of Armundus' defence was based on a lie because he, Roland, had been in a Wellhouse of Daleth at the time.

"So you spent all that month in prayer and meditation then, hmm?" enquired Courtney.

‘Well not exactly, no," Roland admitted.

Why not?"

"I was on honeymoon."

"? __________ ?"

In fact," continued Roland, glancing apprehensively at Beatrice, "it was Julia Perignon I had just got married to. So you see I really didn't have any reason for starting the riots."

When the ensuing uproar finally died down, the Dalethian priest was able to confirm these extraordinary events, and a rather belated round of congratulations took place. At the conclusion of this Armundus Septer was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Reports from the countryside confirm that a bumper harvest has been reaped this year, and a moderately high tribute has been set in order to replenish the city granaries this year. Additionally, the city hopes to be able to fill the equally large order from the Citadel, whose stocks have also been reduced over the past few years. Unfortunately, it appears that the peasantry have taken exception to these precautions, and have attacked a number of city officers and cornmongers attempting to organise granary trains. A number of troops have been sent out to keep order and to protect the reeves, and it is thought that no further protests will occur.

The dispute between the Carpenters and the Thatchers Guilds escalated this month when Marc Bergeren refused to retract his comments in last month's Chronicle, claiming that he was only acting in his official capacity as Guildmaster of the Thatchers. After a closed session in their 'Guildhall', the Thatchers confirmed that he was speaking for the Guild. A livid Paston Courtney added the matter onto the agenda of the Court of Common Council for the following day. During the debate Marc spiritedly defended the right of Thatchers to call the Carpenters "bastards", before agreeing to abide by the decision of the Council. It quickly became apparent that the other speakers objected to the remarks and the matter quickly went to a vote. The Council was unanimous in condemning the action of the Thatchers as "bringing the city into disrepute", and demanded an apology as well as fining the Guild £3. A delighted Marc Bergeren obliged with a payment and apology on the spot. A senior Hahnite has confirmed for the Chroniclers that this motion did, in fact, amount to official recognition by the Council of the existence of an independent Thatchers Guild. A spokesman for the Carpenters Guild would only comment, "Oh shit!" before disappearing at a run.

The Chroniclers found time this month to attend the duel between Arianne Pencric, commonly held to be one of the three best duellists in the city, and Alderman Malcolm Mowbray, whose distaste for the sport is legendary. Presumably at the cautious Alderman's insistence, the duel itself was held outside the Torian Temple, which was just as well since the duel quickly came to its predicted conclusion. The Chroniclers wish Alderman Mowbray a speedy recovery.

News just in from the Duchy of Cascorach reports a significant victory by the Princess' army against an unexpected invasion by the City State of Adaqua. The Adaquan forces were apparently repelled after a major battle on the Athion border. The Princess is thought to be particularly pleased by the heroic actions of the Hahnite Cavalry, under the leadership of Sir Menzies, who fought off a decisive ambush attempt without a single loss from their own forces. Along with a noticeable reduction in the number of Gelt raids, this has ensured a superb harvest this year. The omens are therefore looking extremely good for the birth of the Princess' first child in the new year.

A deliberate attempt was made last week to set fire to the Floating Market. A number of unknown assailants shot fire arrows into the market from the top of the overlooking city wall. The attack lasted for several minutes, and the Watch of Dowgate has been criticised for failing to respond to the attack. Councillor Edges of Castle Bard told the Chronicle, "I was in Dowgate at the time and, seeing the attack, summoned the watch. However, when they arrived they just stood there and did nothing." Cllr Moran, replying on behalf of the Watch explained, "There wasn't anything we could do. The wall is the King's property."

An unexpected arrival in the port last week was The Allapsus, which collected the ambassador Festus Perara and household before returning to Salvoyn for the winter. It appears the Princess Selina is insisting on his presence after all!