The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 140

The plague has loosened its grip on the city, leaving many families mourning their dead. Among the dead are Aldermen Rosalinde Preston, Elliot Sparman and Philip Little, and Councillors Philip Portman and Richard Nixon. The Knight-Marshal is still keeping the roads closed, but has announced that the Moot will be permitted to re-convene next month.

Food supplies in Linrodeth are beginning to run low, due to the interdiction of traders and goods going to the city. Sir Salverian, the Knight Marshal, has assured us that the harvest outside the river valley is going well, and that an emergency shipment of grain is being organised. He is confident that the outbreak of plague has been effectively confined to the region surrounding the city,

The bridge has once more been re-opened, and Master Mason James St-George, has assured the Lord that it is once again safe for use. In a worrying development James St-George has ascribed the bridge's poor condition to deliberate sabotage. He told the Chronicle, "The construction of the bridge was sound, however I found numerous examples of deliberate damage, and removal of stone blocks. I would seriously advise that guards are set until a full investigation can be made."