The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 138

The public galleries of the Court of Justice has been packed all week to witness the contention between Gax the Heretic and Pendentite Antonious Cyan-Dorius. The legal battle is being hard fought on both sides. The two lawyers are presenting their cases with great knowledge and eloquence in what has sometimes seemed like a personal contest of skill to which we are ignorant and unworthy observers. If you have not yet been to see what is possibly the greatest display of the legal art to take place this generation then I suggest you join the queues.

The social occasion of the civic year – the Higharvestide Ball – was noticeable mainly for its lack of incidents. As the music rose and the colourful, glittering crowd swirled around the Great Hall it seemed that the plagues, floods and wars that have troubled the city had not touched these people.

From the Royal Court, Lady Sapphire arrived daringly dressed (or almost dressed) on the arms of Councillor Castlemaine. Miranda Andrews, still working on the highly confidential defence project, was seen deep in discussion with the Armourer, Olnorth Dexter. Reg Marc, dressed elegantly in stark black, became the centre of attention of many of the ladies. Lord Raphael, of course, was the centre of the political discussions of the evening.

Reports of large numbers of demon worshippers in the area south of the Great Fens are being denied by the Lord of Burbage; "A small group of Azial worshippers was discovered in the area near Emlett, but they have been dealt with and are unlikely to trouble anyone again, at least in this life."

Alderman Isenbard of Welland has intervened in the boundary dispute between Welland and Shambles. In a letter to the Chronicle he stated "I have spoken with the (South Kingsway) group, and see it as entirely proper for me to do so. However Alderman Belcher's insinuation that I am somehow behind this group, manipulating it for my own ends, is completely without foundation and frankly seems somewhat paranoid. Alderman Belcher should be looking to the way his ward is governed; not blaming external factors. The differences in the natures of our two wards are quite apparent and I am in complete sympathy with the citizens of Shambles who want to come under a more effective council."

Alderman Belcher was unavailable for comment as he was busy attempting to have Alderman Sparman censored for allegedly libelling him. The action was unsuccessful but perhaps Alderman Belcher needed the practice.

Outside of the councils the situation has been worsening. The watches of the two wards have been seen exchanging insults over the contested boundary; and in a rather tasteless incident, blood and entrails were strewn over the doorway of the Dancing Bear, the one inn in the area.