Linrodeth Sheriffs

139 Kennet Maxil, Paston Courtney

140 Kennet Maxil, Samantha Cox

141 Alan Griffiths, Samantha Cox

142 Alan Griffiths, Beatrice Perignon

143 Beatrice Perignon, Matthew Dixon

144 Beatrice Perignon, Matthew Dixon

145 Matthew Dixon, Alan Griffiths

146 Alison Shefford, Ann Tasker

147 Aralan Derwent, Ann Tasker,
Alison Shefford (appointed third Sheriff as from Arvinoth)

148 Alison Shefford

149 Alison Shefford, Jenny Davy

150 Jenny Davy, Miranda Andrews

151 Nicholas Bowden, Jenny Davy

152 Jenny Davy, Nicholas Bowden

153 Jenny Davy, Nicholas Bowden

154 Mary Hastings, Olivia Warin

155 Nicholas Bowden, Olivia Warin

156 Nicholas Bowden, Olivia Warin

157 Mary Hastings, Nicholas Bowden


No Lordship or Sheriff elections held in 144 due to the Great Fire, Incumbents remained in post.

No Lordship or Sheriff elections held in 148 due to the Invasion, Alison Shefford remained in post.