The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 148

The city of Salvoyn is preparing to celebrate the official coronation of Prince Edward during the Midwinter festivities. The prince has summoned the leaders of all the major religions to his declared capital city for the event. Rumours are circulating that he may depart from tradition and announce an 'official' religion at the coronation. The most recent ships into port have brought a number of invitations to worthies across the city, but it is not believed that the Linrodeth Archimandrite is included on the guest list. It seems that the Eresan Archimandrite, Ingulfos, is to officiate in Salvoyn. This selection makes it all the more interesting that rumours have started of Prince Kieran's survival and residence in Eresan. Unreliable sightings of the younger prince do not seem very likely in light of Eresan's loyalty to Prince Edward.

As an alternative, Linrodeth's joyous winter event may well be the marriage of Lady Ann Tasker to her long time partner, Alderman Alan Monterey. Although the Chronicle has been informed of this event many times in the past, it seems likely that the match will now finally go ahead. A significant change is that Lady Tasker has at last found time to be fitted for a wedding dress. Alderman Monterey has already inspected several wine cellars, and has audibly regretted the loss of the Perignon reserves. The wedding will take place at the Hahnite Temple, with the Archimandrite himself presiding. Princess Selina has generously offered the Lansdowne mansion for the reception afterwards.

Tensions in Welland got out of hand last week when an attempt to enforce the law caused rioting across the Wellhouse green. A number of ward councillors remonstrated with customers from the Dancing Bear for openly carrying arms in the streets. The argument rapidly escalated to the point where the weapons had to be confiscated, with predictable results. Fortunately the fight remained at the level of fisticuffs and the Polizei, who quickly arrived on the scene, were extremely efficient in their arrests. General Olvini and the Polizei Chief, Lt Antonio Secchi, will be reviewing the ordnances on mercenaries in the city.

Keen Hahnite worshippers will have noticed a familiar piece of regalia at recent ceremonies in the Temple. The Holy Ring of Ascalon, which has been absent for many months now, has begun to be worn by the new Archimandrite for the first time during a sermon in which he exhorted Ingulfos to "give up his vile ways and return unto the Grace of Hahn". Speculation surrounds both its absence and its reappearance, and the ability of Ingulfos to crown anyone without this ring. An official Hahnite statement confirmed that it is the genuine ring, and that its presence on the High Priest's hand was "the Will of the God." This does not appear to have deterred Gax the Heretic, who has also reappeared for the first time since the invasion and has begun to denounce the forthcoming changes in the Justice System. The Chroniclers are beginning to wonder if these events are related?

Investigators trawling the taverns and dens of Dowgate have been startled to hear that the Toddman is said to have died. A number of known criminal establishments have begun to shut down, and several pawnbrokers have 'closed for stocktaking'. The Polizei claim that this is a direct result of their improved operations, and predict that the crime rate will drop still further. Alderman Bernard Hubold has been quick to praise the work of the Polizei, pointing out that "this is just precisely the type of professional force which the city has needed, and which I have been lobbying for, for many years." Alderman Tilly Falgar also congratulated the force on their results, while adding that the work of the master criminal may take many years to unravel.

Despite assurances of a good harvest, citizens have been interested to note that Cllr Trueman has invoked the old emergency committee procedures for the gathering of the rosehip crop in the hedgerows. A number of working parties have already been sent out and report a good haul. Readers might be interested to remember the old wives tale which suggests that the forthcoming winter will be a cold and hard one. It appears that the weather has already taken a turn for the worse, and it looks likely that Linrodeth will be experiencing its first snowfall before Ghostmoons. This will at least mean that the city is safe from attack for another season. The last ships are preparing to leave port.