The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 145

The city of Nyskilde has fallen to an unexpected attack by the Noord. This shock news arrived with the few ships to escape the raid and reports are still confused, with the fate of envoy Alan Carter remaining unknown. It appears that a large force of longboats led by Prince Konrad vagn Korsbaek entered the harbour and stuck with complete surprise. The King's Navy was already on the move south to overwinter near Linrodeth and will be unable to respond before the winter ice closes off the city. The merchanter Leviathon ran the harbour blockade two days after the loss of the city and its captain reports that the Noord appear to be digging in. It may be that they intend to attempt to hold the city indefinitely. Recent rumours from the Western Isles would suggest Prince Konrad has recently had a number of disputes with his father, so it is hoped that this is an unsanctioned action rather than the beginnings of all out war between the Noordic Nation and the Kingdom of Athion. The Knight Marshal has advised calm and assures Linrodeth citizens that there is no threat to this city's safety; "Be assured that we will regain Nyskilde in the spring, and that this young adventurer will suffer the same fate as everyone else who has ever been foolish enough to challenge the authority of His Majesty."

The centre of attention within the city this month was a small cell in the Witanmoot constraining one Cllr Larken Drumm. This appeared to be the focus of an enormous amount of activity with many citizens (supporters, gloaters or the merely curious) attempting to gain sight of the notorious bandit against the orders of the Sheriffs. Substantial amounts of money appear to have changed hands, often for no more than a promise of "seeing what I can do" by Witanmoot staff. So it remains unclear whether any form of escape attempt was forming or if this was just another example of Linrodeth's fine free market economy in action. In the event, all schemes were quelled by the near permanent encampment of Cllrs Adam Avery and William Trueman outside the prison for the month. On the Fifthday, secondweek this month, Larken Drumm went to his death with dignity expected of a councillor. Facing down the baying mob he proclaimed his innocence from the scaffold and, refusing to be blindfold, laid his head on the block. The traitor’s head now adorns Bridge Gate as a warning to others who would betray the trust of the city. The execution was attended by many worthies of the city, all of whom seemed assured of Larken's guilt. Only Leonard Tholin stood by Larken to the end, "The City and Avigon have lost a good man today," he told the Chronicle. However public opinion seems to be running against this view. The masses who had gathered in the dawn light were treated to an unexpectedly rousing speech by Lady Perignon who praised her fellow councillors for helping to defeat this "viper who had insinuated himself into the heart of the city." The massive cheers in response to her promise to "root out corruption and destroy treachery throughout the city," clearly shows the backing of the public for her actions.

The much anticipated civic ball to celebrate the new envoy appointments has had to be unexpectedly cancelled. A clearly embarrassed Lady Perignon has had to announce that the city will not be sending a trade delegate to Kerun after all. She announced in a written statement to the Trade Committee that the King had overruled her decree and refused Linrodeth permission to create its own ambassadorial relations with foreign powers, although some sort of trade appointment was possible with the consent of the official Ambassador and the swearing of an oath of fealty. Given this and the events in Nyskilde, it is perhaps a good thing that Cllr Quinn was only nominated and not appointed as the trade envoy to the Western Isles.

The Marcs family of Welland are pleased to announce the acquisition of 'The Phoenix' in Levestone from Gilbert and Elsa Parret. The sum of money involved has not been disclosed but it is understood that the Parrets are looking for a quiet estate upriver. The Phoenix Inn has long had a reputation as a merchant adventurers inn, providing fine wines, food and translation services to suit all budgets. It is understood that this tradition will be continued under the new management, although Carl assures the Chronicle that he will be adding the range of fine beers available at their other pubs, the 'Empty Barrel' in Welland and the 'Hat and Firkin' over in Faringdon. Fellow brewers are reminded that entries are now invited for the annual Beer Festival in Portsoken.