The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 143

Citizens have been most surprised by a generous move by the councillors of Linrodeth. In response to an initiative by Sheriff Matthew Dixon, the councillors have forestalled an emergency tax increase by dipping into their own pockets to the tune of 3s 6d each. The potential tax crisis was precipitated by Lady Samantha Cox who has made it clear to councillors that she intends to veto any committee budget which fails to meet its target. This radical move sent our councillors into a panic, when it became clear that the trade budget was many pounds overspent. Unwilling to face cutting services or increasing taxes in the run-up to the Midwinter elections, our good councillors have met the deficit themselves. How they will cope with the rumoured 'significant' overspend by the Welfare and Education committee is yet to be seen.

In an attempt to forestall similar crisis next year, Treasury Chairman Alison Shefford has proposed the total reform of the budgetary process. Commenting informally at a recent lunch at the Goldsmiths hall she said; " The budgetary system of Linrodeth is a historic and much amended entity. Committees which produce their budgets late in the year, are in effect publishing a fait accompli, with the vast majority of the funds having been spent. I will be formally proposing a completely new system to next month's Witanmoot." She refused to be drawn on the exact nature of the new system, and it is clearly still the subject of much back room discussion between the various Witanmoot factions.

Shocked and outraged citizens have been calling for the city to either close or directly supervise the running of Gax's orphanage. This follows the conviction of one of the youngsters on charges of arson, burglary, breaking and entering, resisting arrest and entering the city illegally. Indeed many more of the orphans were fined after they gave evidence at the trial, and it is clear that their sense of morality and ethics has not been improved by their contact with Gax. The orphan was sentenced to death but in fact died during an ill-judged escape attempt at the Law Courts. Chairman for Welfare and Education Ann Tasker has called for the city to fund Gax's orphanage next year rather than attempting to create its own. However her call has met with opposition from an unlikely alliance of the Thatchers Guild and the supporters of the Hahnites. Both groups maintain that the Orphanage is an unsuitable institution for the city to support. Lilith Lansdowne called for Sheriff Perignon's original proposal of a city orphanage to be implemented; "where the destitute children can be taught strict discipline and respect for the Kings Law".

The great Ship of the Dawn has sailed for the Western Isles where it will overwinter before stetting off on its journey of discovery. At a noisy and emotional ceremony the Navarch of Esprayenna named the ship The Avatar, and gave a personal blessing to each member of the volunteer crew. Many mysterious packages and holy gifts were loaded into the cargo, along with a stunning large amount of provisions. The Avatar sailed out on the evening tide and into a dramatic blood red sunset, and provided the citizens of Linrodeth with a fitting end to what has been a most colourful and eventful season.

We have been asked to remind citizens that a curfew is still in effect during the night of the Ghostmoons, it being a crime to venture onto the streets during the hours of darkness. Given the recent discovery of large cat-like footprints found in the early snows around the city walls, and Mad Mab's recent prophecy of "the gathering of the lost ones during the night of evil", this reminder seems unnecessary. In a clear attempt to recover from the damaging 'lake affair', Richard Firethorn has been making strenuous efforts to distance himself from the events leading up to the crisis. He vehemently seconded Cllr Derwent's motion of support for the Torians, and insisted that the Masons' Guild formally apologises to the city for its over-zealousness. This did indeed result in a rather stiff little speech of apology from Robert Beaureli, which managed to imply that he was deeply sorry about any distress that may have been caused, without ever admitting any liability for it whatsoever. As well as this very public change of mind, Richard has also started pouring money into an early re-election campaign in a determined attempt to repair his image.

Not content with killing every suspect that the Witanmoot Guard can find, Cllr Aralan Derwent has spent the month seeking an assassin to duel with. A number of the more imaginative councillors did at one stage start up a fund to hire one for her, but this eventually died out when no-one would admit to being responsible for collecting the money.

Meanwhile socialite Harry Truestaff has thrown his faction into further turmoil. After throwing his considerable weight behind talk of a major reshuffle, and making a number of conflicting promises to his various supporters, the great man appears to have abdicated responsibility for finalising his new organisational structure. Unkind rumours suggest that he has yet to sober up from the last 'interesting' party that he attended.

Another person launching an early election campaign is Alan Monterey, who started his bid to join the Levestone wardmoot with a wine tasting party. Amongst the notable attendees were most of the Vintners Guild of Levestone and a number of senior council members, such as Ann Tasker, who Alan was clearly sounding out on the possibilities of joining their faction.

The only good news this month is an announcement of the opening of the notorious comedy 'Please Yourself' at the Theatre Regale. The play stars famous actors Greville Danvers and Ms Madelaine Pompette, who have brought the play to Linrodeth following its runaway success in the playhouses of Salvoyn.