The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 140

On Kryll Firstday the Knight Marshall, Sir Salverian, announced the following appointments to the vacant Alderman posts;


Elliot Anderson


Helen Kreft


Alan Carter


Duncan Barnett

Some factions within the Witanmoot have expressed concern over this pre-emption of democracy. However, commenting on the appointments, Lord Courtney pointed out, "During martial law Sir Salverian can do whatever he likes, and personally I do feel that he was right to restore direct civic control of the watch in these wards at the earliest opportunity. We should perhaps consider granting this power to the Court of Aldermen in future. When asked about objections to her appointment as Alderman of Cadene, Helen Kreft replied, "The Knight Marshall only appointed me to hold the Aldermanship until the midwinter elections. It is an honour I take very seriously, and to show my commitment to the ward I intend to buy property here and to contest the seat at the midwinter election. The householders of Cadene will have the final say."

The Knight Marshall formally handed back control of the city to the Witanmoot on Kryll Ninthday, and the Interdiction was lifted. Since then supplies have been streaming into the city, and it would appear that the threat of starvation has been averted. In an interesting development, Lord Courtney has requested a rebate on the city's taxes to the King for this year, in order to enable it to recover from the depletions of the plague and (although he isn't saving this in so many words), on the grounds that the city has been run by the Knight Marshal for well over a month.

The sadly depleted Witanmoot reconvened on Tenthday, to resume the business of government. The first session was opened by Cllr Matthew Dixon, who proposed a vote of thanks to the Torian Temple for their work. This received widespread approval and a number of other councillors spoke to record their thanks. Afterwards Malcolm Mowbray proposed thanks and an increased civic grant to the Brynettes, to assist their efforts to provide a supply of sweet water to all of the city. This was passed by a surprisingly small majority.

News from the Princess' new home in Cascorach is that the Princess is having a noticeable influence. The Duke's interest in auditing and accounts has increased dramatically, with the result that many long-standing household members have lost their posts. Of immediate interest to merchants is the fact that the guild charters of Cascorach city have been "recalled for review". Rumours of a subsequent trading free-for-all have reached Linrodeth, but unfortunately news of further developments may well have to wait until the thaw.

Several people claim to have seen Armundus Septer tottering around the town these past few weeks. This has come as a surprise to most who had assumed that the old man had finally died even before the plague struck. Other rumours, that a mysterious wooden box had been sent from the Septer household down to Cascorach, where the Necromancer Royal is staying, are unconfirmed and unlikely to be true.

Beatrice Perignon and her family made a conspicuous return to the city of Linrodeth, looking fit and well after, as Beatrice put it, "an invigorating sojourn in the countryside." Ms Perignon's forced exile ended after Lord Courtney's had issued an amnesty in celebration of the Princess' marriage. Her daughter Julia, much in demand on the social circuit, has immediately set about ordering a new wardrobe suggesting that the country sojourn was not to her taste at least. Son Guimar has disappeared back to his gambling clubs, which may be the reason why old Beatrice herself has started called on her friends to do a little debt collecting. Arch-rival Cllr Matthew Dixon has been taking her return to Linrodeth fairly calmly, commenting "I like to give opponents the first move."

More gossip of romance in Olnorth Dexter's faction, this time Cllr Alan Griffiths, the duelling dyer of Dracas, is turning his attentions and not inconsiderable charm on fellow councillor Poppy Soboll. Never mind the Justice League, is someone starting a breakaway Seduction League?