The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 157

The late winter snows have finally closed in this month cutting off the city from outside news. The last ship in from Salvoyn reported that the great trebuchet has ceased firing amid rumours that Salvoyn has offered terms for surrender. Kingsport is crowded with our own returning ships and Colonel Elsbeth de Vere has confirmed that they will travel south as soon as the weather permits with a strong force of ground troops. Asked about the likely reaction of King Kieran to this troop movement Princess Selina is reported to have said "King Kieran's forces have been besieging Salvoyn to little effect for years. He and I are both tired of this long war. It is Linrodeth's navy that has closed the trade routes, Linrodeth's engineers have made it possible to bombard the city and it will be Linrodeth's troops that bring about the defeat of Salvoyn. There are factions within King Kieran's advisers whose small mindedness has held our forces back for too long. He now recognises that this was a mistake. We intend to finish off Salvoyn quickly and we intend to do it together."

Under the banner of "sweeping away the past” the clothing guilds have launched a major bid to change the shape of politics in Linrodeth. Members of the Broiderers, Dyers, Clothworkers & Weavers, Skinners & Leathersellers and Drapers & Tailors guilds have received significant funding for their midwinter campaigns and some have moved faction or declared their independence. Randolf Flambourd, Guildmaster of the Skinners and Leathersellers told the Chronicle, "For too long the construction and trade guilds have held a stranglehold on this city's politics. Even William Trueman has turned from being a Goldsmith into one of these bung builders. The scandalous way the funding for the prisons, the roads and the flood relief has been used has just gone too far. We stand on an agenda of reducing corruption and taxes and we plan to make a difference. The campaign appears to have caught the public mood. Serious challenges to the existing order are being launched in Bridge by Mandy Turner, in Berewic by Carol Hall, in Cadene by Gregory Benton, in Cartage by Hilda Marcham, in Castle Bard by Wendy Bradshaw, in Dracas by Fanny Drake, in Temple by Melissa Chant. Welland may however become the most confused contest with Dyer Gillian Furbank making a bid for the Aldermanship and an obviously amused Eddie Englefield also throwing his cap into the ring already crowded with Jim Bottler and Adrian Green.

A heavily armed gang has raided the house of Goldsmith Abbey Muddiman. The raiders struck on Third day Tenthweek in broad daylight and are believed to have got away with several pounds worth of goods. The guard is appealing for witnesses and the Goldsmiths guild has posted a £10 reward to anyone who can identify the robbers.

One Alderman who is no longer putting much time into his election campaign is Richard Saunders. The Chairman for Welfare and Education was caught by his wife looking into the welfare of the ladies in the Open Port Inn in Dowgate. A house not noted for its high reputation. The circumstances in which he was found were apparently highly educational.

Investigations are continuing into the body found last week in Ishtan. Whilst it is not unusual to find bodies on the streets of the city the guards were disconcerted by the man's fine clothes and intact purse. Attempts to ascertain his identity have failed. Coronel Aldridge commended the discipline of the guards. "Not that many years ago this body would have been found missing its purse", he commented.