The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 154

Lady Davy's decision to practise the Linrodeth muster in pre-planned groups of three wards and then build up to larger groups by adding these "triads” together, has enabled the most recent full muster to be a great success. Despite the hampering winter snow, it was by far the most rapid formation to yet be seen, with each ward using pre-planned routes and gates to exit the city. General Olvini is said to be delighted with the ability of Sheriffs Hastings and Warin to produce a plan and then execute it. He is reported to have commented at the end of the last muster, "What wonderful women; if they could fight I'd be out of a job."

A furious exchange of leaks is hampering the negotiations around the Goldsmiths' loan to the city treasury. Alderman Jim Bottler has accused the goldsmiths guild of a "lack of financial acumen" and an "inability to understand that they won't have any money if Linrodeth loses the war". Alderman William Trueman, who was clearly annoyed that these discussions are taking place in public rather than in a darkened room, commented that "Bottler is asking the Goldsmiths to accept a far higher risk and far lower profit than the construction guilds, but despite this the Goldsmiths will do whatever is possible to help safeguard the security of everyone in the city of Linrodeth. However, we would like to make sure that Bottler tightens up his financial act first so that none of the money is squandered."

Indigo blue flags festoon the sombre city streets, sometimes with party colours, but mostly on their own. Aldermen William Trueman and Petro Cutario have continued the "Security for All and All for Security" theme that they developed last month with the Bottler and Monterey factions struggling to carve out any agenda other than to go along with the tide of popular support for these policies. William Trueman has also become the first politician in Linrodeth history to be cheered for proposing a tax rise following his impassioned call that we provide our troops with ships and the equipment they need to eradicate Salvoyn once and for all.

The robbery perpetrated against Sheriff Warin's household during the last muster has outraged the citizenry. The one guard left at the house was viciously murdered by a gang of at least four people, who then proceeded to casually load stolen goods onto a cart. Had it not been for a diligent neighbour, who had remained behind with her children, they could have stolen a great deal. As it was the neighbour's warning and the ensuing hue and cry scared them off before most of the more valuable items could be taken. Sheriff Warin is understood to be furious. A reward of £50 has been offered by the Grossers Guild for information leading to the capture of these evil criminals who have so cynically exploited the city's defensive preparations for their own ends.

Alderman Alan Monterey is reported to be running urgent shuttle diplomacy between the Citadel and the Witanmoot. Despite his delight at their organisational skills it would appear that General Olvini is convinced it is time to dispense with the role of the Lord, the Sheriffs and even the Aldermen in anything to do with organising the muster. He is reported to be formulating plans to place the city's levy forces directly under his control. The General can be perhaps forgiven for not understanding the reluctance of the people of this city to let him do this, but he needs to learn that our Democracy is something which is not negotiable.


The following citizens were elected as the ward Aldermen in the midst of our Midwinter blizzards: Arpent; Hugo Merewell. Avigon; Petro Cutario. Bassishaw; Marc Bergeren. Berewic; Aldric Houghton. Bridge; Richard Saunders. Cadene; Melanie Romanie. Cartage; Alice Barbiter. Castle Bard; Gilbert de Clare. Cripplegate; Peter Ryman. Dowgate; Graeme Porter. Dracas; Thomas Osbert. Faringdon; William Trueman. Ishtan; Eva Capel. Kingsgate; Adam Povre. Levestone; Alan Monterey. Marshgate; Nicholas Bowden. Oldgate; Duncan Barnett. Portsoken; Stephanie Exton. Shambles; Marie Cripstead. Temple; David Northropp. Welland; Jim Bottler.

In what was clearly a strong endorsement of the Cutario and Trueman pro-war agenda (and a devastating punishing of those still seen to be associated with Marcus Lambourne) Rose Cheeping lost her seat and Ralf Seagrim, Eddie Englefield and Audrey Wirstan were all only narrowly re-elected.