The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 152

The victory celebrations for Linrodeth's heroic navy proved to be a hugely successful event. With enthusiastic help from the citizens, the Tourney Fields were cleared of snow and a procession arrived up the causeway from Kingsport. Before a delighted Princess Selina and her court, Admiral Cornaro formally presented Commodore Cortez and delivered a hundred Noordic chiefs as prisoners into the keeping of the Citadel Guards. Her Highness Princess Selina rewarded Commodore Cortez with a jewelled sword before formally knighting him and granting him the manor of Kelderon. The huge crowd cheered Lord Cortez and the assembled naval crews before enjoying a massive re-enactment of the battle staged by the Citadel cavalry using horses dressed as ships. Numerous barrels of free beer were broached to help the crowds stay warm. Afterwards Lord Cortez thanked Princess Selina for trusting him with such a great task and once again praised his brave crews and the councillors of the city who had given him the new ships without which he could never have succeeded.

Alderman Jim Bottler's campaign, which like Petro Cutario's has been riding high following the naval victory, has suffered a setback with the defection of Eddie Englefield, his fellow Welland carpenter, to Marcus Lambourne. Whilst Cllr Englefield has avoided comment sources have been quick to suggest that the massive Bottler mansion and a strong interest in continuing to work with "real people" are behind the move.

Cllr Marcus Lambourne's much delayed democracy motion was finally debated in the Witanmoot this month. He explained the means by which his objectives could be achieved. "Of course Lady Andrews is quite right when she states that the way in which the Sheriffs and Lord are elected is a matter for Her Royal Highness, Princess Selina. However it would appear that the first clause of my motion, namely that 'the electoral college in the elections for Committee Chairs and Envoys shall be extended to include both Aldermen and Councillors with the Lord Chief Magistrate retaining a casting vote', is actually within the power of the Lord of the City to accept." Unable to avoid his now ritual criticism of Lady Andrews he pointed out, "I'm sure that Her Ladyship simply overlooked this in her eagerness to save me the embarrassment of treading on Her Royal Highness's toes and we should therefore take a vote, the result of which the Lord Chief Magistrate may take under advisement if she so chooses. Quite rightly, there is no question of our discussing the substance of the rest of my original motion. So I respectfully request that the Witanmoot be permitted to vote on the issue of asking the Lord Chief Magistrate, on our behalf, to present the preamble and clauses 2 and 3 of my original motion to Her Royal Highness for her gracious consideration." After all this and a heated debate the motion was defeated by 102 votes to 173.

Late Midwinter Election News

The following people were returned to the Aldermanic Court: Arpent Judi Spich, Avigon Petro Cutario, Bassishaw Marc Bergeren, Berewic Mary Hastings, Bridge Richard Saunders, Cadene Melanie Romanie, Cartage Brunstan Blackbeard, Castle Bard Gilbert de Clare, Cripplegate Irving Grendle, Dowgate Graeme Porter, Dracas Thomas Osbert, Faringdon William Trueman, Ishtan Eva Capel, Kingsgate Adam Povre, Levestone Alan Monterey, Marshgate Maureen Quiller, Oldgate Duncan Barnett, Portsoken Nicholas Worton, Shambles Ralf Seagrim, Temple Olivia Warin, Welland Jim Bottler.

The closest contest was in Shambles where a few votes separated Seagrim, Cripstead and Belcher. The vote was also close in Arpent (Hugo Merewell), Avigon (Samuel Rucche), Bassishaw (Gemma Downe), Castle Bard (Alison Shefford) and Ishtan (Bartholomew Hyde). Whist the Alderman of Bridge, Cadene, Faringdon, Portsoken and Temple all had large majorities. The result gives the Monterey, Bottler, Trueman and Cutario groups about five Alderman each with Lambourne having two and there being two Independents. In the Commons all the main factions have about 50 votes, which should make the coming committee elections more interesting.

Urgent Late News

It is with shock and sadness that the Chronicle reports the assassination of Prince Edwin. The Prince was kidnapped by what are believed to have been Nordic infiltrators as he left the Theatre Royale after chatted backstage with the cast. His ritually murdered body was dumped outside the Hahnite Temple in the early hours of the morning. Martial Law has been imposed and everyone present at the Theatre has been arrested. The prince’s four bodyguards were killed in the fight.