The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 150

The Oath of Fealty motion is still causing chaos in the Witanmoot. Alderman Monterey has pointed out that officers are still required to take the oath and that in his opinion councillor was an office of the Witanmoot. After much further acrimonious debate the Hahnites were called in to resolve the matter and stated that in their opinion councillors could not be considered an office of the council, however a committee chair could. The council must now consider how to deal with the fact that Chairman for Shipping, Graham Porter, has declared his intention not to take the oath. Marcus Lambourne's "Decree or Democracy" campaign, which seemed to be setting the early election agenda, has now faltered following a concerted counter-attack by the Monterey faction which pointed out that Lady Tasker has issued fewer decrees than any of the predecessors. A Monterey spokesman described the Lambourne campaign as "dead" and he went on to describe Cllr Lambourne as a "lying troublemaker, interested only in his own power". It looks as though the two factions will fight each other to an acrimonious standstill. Certainly most voters see the debate as pointless and damaging to both of them. In contrast William Trueman's supporters, already benefiting from his marvellous work during the plague, are building upon their 'Working for the People' campaign to rise above this debate and it is likely that they will gain from both Monterey and Lambourne.

As the election day nears the campaigning is becoming characterised not by fractional politics but by the civil war. Throughout the city, people's views on the war are governing whether factions are gaining or losing votes. Whilst the 'Oath of Fealty' debate has brought the matter to people's attention, it was the surprise intervention by all the leaders of the Temples that has made this the central point of the campaign. In what was clearly a planned and co-ordinated move, every service this week has denounced the worship of Resh and called upon people to "stand against this evil, King Edward and all who support it". The effect upon pro-Edward politicians has been devastating. Several prominent supporters of King Edward look likely to lose their Aldermanship and some could be knocked out of the council completely. Supporters of King Kieran are also suffering from citizens' distrust of his recent actions near the city. Supporters of Princess Selina are clearly elated by this and, whilst they cannot claim to be winning, it is they and the more neutral councillors who will gain from this shift in emphasis. Some local campaigning is still managing to distinguish individuals from the great trends. In Castle Bard the popular Gilbert de Clare is fighting a strong campaign to retain his seat, with many prominent figures from all wards and factions coming to his aid to praise his work on the wall. However Castle Bard has always been Alison Shefford's ward and given her incredible popularity she still looks set for an unequivocal victory. Elsewhere Gemma Downe's campaign in Bassishaw appears particularly noteworthy and a close result is expected.


The Midwinter elections resulted in the return of the following citizens as Aldermen for the Wards of the City of Linrodeth. Arpent: Judi Spich. Avigon: Petro Cutario. Bassishaw: Gemma Downe. Berewic: Mary Hastings. Bridge: Richard Saunders. Cadene: Melanie Romanie. Cartage: Alice Barbiter. Castle Bard: Alison Shefford. Cripplegate: Bernard Hubold. Dowgate: Audrey Wirstan. Dracas: Thomas Osbert. Faringdon: William Trueman. Ishtan: Eva Capel. Kingsgate: Adam Povre. Levestone: Alan Monterey. Marshgate: Nicholas Bowden. Oldgate: Duncan Barnett. Portsoken: Nicholas Worton. Shambles: Bert Belcher. Temple: Olivia Warin. Welland: Jim Bottler. The forthcoming nominations for Committee Chairs will likely be disrupted by a number of aldermen failing to make the Oath of Loyalty. These include aldermen Bert Belcher, Nicholas Worton, Adam Povre, Duncan Barnett and Richard Saunders.