The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 147

Scouts returning from the south have confirmed the destruction of Prince Edward's cavalry and baggage train by the forces of Princess Eleanor. They have also confirmed that a force of Knights Templar formed the core of Princess Eleanor's forces. Princess Eleanor seems to have called a full muster of the Cascorach feudal levy, and it was this large force which fell upon the unsuspecting Prince Edward whilst he was camped only 20 miles from Linrodeth. The assessment from the Citadel scouts is that if Prince Edward's force had reached Linrodeth, the city would have fallen within days. Sheriff Derwent has been at pains to point out that Prince Edward's entire force of over 3,000 professional infantry survived that battle and that the city must continue to prepare for battle in the spring.

The assassination of Cllr Matthew Jardin has caused shock and outrage throughout the city. Cllr Jardin had just left his secret hiding place to campaign for the Midwinter elections when he was cut down by masked swordsmen describing themselves as members of 'Retribution': a new, secretive, pro-Kieran cult. The assassins also attempted to kill the popular Welland alderman James Isenbard. Cllr Stefan Leaming is alleged to have links with Retribution and he told the Chroniclers, "Jardin was a traitor who got what he deserved. Retribution have told me that they have intend to act whenever the authorities fail to deal with such people." Alderman George Rimon is also said to be on Retribution's death list. He has announced that he, "will not be intimidated by Kieran's thugs," and that he intends to, "continue to campaign for the return of the rule of Law under Edward, the rightful King." The Sheriffs continue to deny rumours that Retribution is really a front for a Witanmoot Guard death squad.

After a month of debate behind the sealed doors of the Hahnite Temple, the announcement of the election of Falmand Ingulfos as the new Archimandrite has caused an immediate schism in the Temple of Hahn. Supporters of rival candidate Plenipotentiary de Belleme have taken control of the adjacent Hahnite Law School and are refusing to accept the election result. Although the two groups are pro- and anti-Prince Edward, the split seems to be based on religious grounds, with De Belleme supporters describing Ingulfos as a, "decadent and sacrilegious schismatic." Archimandrite Ingulfos has called upon de Belleme and his supporters to, "accept the election, as prescribed by the Law of Hahn, or face excommunication". Both groups seem to have substantive forces of Knights Templar and the situation in the Ward of Faringdon is described as very tense.

Already nervous citizens may be alarmed to hear that the soothsayer Mab has braved the displeasure of Lord Dixon and novice Witanmoot Guards to venture onto the Mootstone. From this unstable perch she issued the following warning: "Lo, the sands of time fall one by one into the abyss and the hour of nothingness creeps ever closer. Then shall the light be dimmed unto utter darkness and none shall halt its fading. All that is and was shall be naught but the whisper of a memory in a failing mind, and all that was to be remains in the pen of fate, unwrit upon the page of destiny." Whereupon she fell into a faint and was removed by the Guard for questioning.

The encampment of alien river workers a little way outside Oldgate has become the source of angry dispute. Two score of raggedly dressed warriors (both brown and yellow folk) have insisted on participating in the Marching Watch drill whenever Sheriff Derwent leads the muster. Citizens have become increasingly annoyed at this intrusion, claiming that it is disrupting serious attempts to improve the defence of the city. So far Aralan has managed to avoid any confrontation between 'her' irregulars and the Dowgate watch.

Eorlaine Samantha Cox and Colonel Karine Agrevaine have formed a partnership to jointly oversee the running of the Citadel. Like the Witanmoot, the Citadel appears to have become a pro-Kieran base, but its strength has been severely reduced by the loss of troops during the autumn battles. Negotiations continue with Lord Dixon on the supply, stockpiling and best use of its forces. It is believed that the Citadel still holds the bulk of the Royal Treasury, and that a major recruiting and purchasing initiative is being prepared for the spring. Rumours that the city's grain supplies have already been moved into the Citadel for safe keeping remain unconfirmed.

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This year's Midwinter elections went ahead with Lord Dixon's blessings, despite concerns about the continued state of Martial Law. The elections have produced interesting results with a general loss of power by overt supporters of both sides in the Civil War. In some wards however, strongly pro-Kieran candidates suffered defeat at the hands of the supporters of Edward. In Dracas, Sharon Brehon was narrowly defeated by Philip Portman, and in Oldgate the pro-Kieran Emily Martel lost out to Duncan Barnett. However the real surprise of the evening came in Shambles where Ralf Seagrim was clearly shocked to defeat long standing Alderman and fellow Meatmonger, Bert Belcher. In Ishtan the hard fought contest resulted in a narrow victory by Eva Capel, whilst in Levestone Martin Key came within a few votes of defeating Alan Monterey. Similar close calls came in Kingsgate and Faringdon where the standing aldermen barely held on to their positions. The major upsets for the pro-Edward groupings came in Welland, where the avowedly neutral Tilly Falgar unseated James Isenbard, and in Portsoken where the outspoken pro-Kieran Nicholas Worton subjected Godfrey Russell to a crushing defeat. Lost from the council completely is Dominic Melchet, while the Chronicle would like to welcome Jim Bottler, Peter Rochess, Bartholomew Hyde and Marie Cripstead to the fray. For the factions the results of the elections show a weakening of power for Lordship contender Aralan Derwent and a strong consolidation of the position of Hywel Duthon.

It remains to be seen if Lord Dixon will follow through on rumours that he intends to require all candidates to swear an oath of loyalty before taking office. Alderman Rimon told the Chronicle "I owe it to the memory of Matthew Jardin to stand up to this tyranny. I'm proud to support King Edward and the citizens of Linrodeth have clearly backed me and my colleagues. There is now a firm pro-Edward majority in the Aldermanic court and it is only Dixon's control of the City Guard which is preventing us from correcting the terrible error the council made in supporting Kieran."