The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 143

Uncertainty about the fate of the orphanage continues into its third month, with citizen's protests becoming increasingly unruly. At one stage this month the Witanmoot Guard were called out to prevent one demonstration from turning into a full scale riot. Anger at the councillors, whose own children are protected by the guild system, was not appeased when Ann Tasker restated the official position, that 'something' would be done 'sometime' next year when funds become available. "It's always 'next year'," shouted one worthy citizen. "I have four young daughters. What's going to happen to them if anything happens to...", whereupon the sudden arrival of a Guard with cudgel terminated the speech. "It's outrageous", added Gax from the safety of the Mootstone. "Once again we see the privileged of our city ignoring the Citizens who it should be their duty to protect. We need fundamental reform. Until we cease to be ruled by the Guild elite, and their Hahnite conspirators, justice will remain the unfulfilled wish of the masses." Vanessa St Lawrence, a long-standing patron of the orphanage, is standing in Castle Bard and has promised to lobby for the reform of the Welfare & Education committee if elected.

With Yuletide approaching our civic streets are once again being decked out in ribbons, flags and colourful bunting. Following the trend of earlier festivals, these garlands are becoming increasingly colour-specific, depending on which ward or street you happen to wander down. The exception to this appears to be Kingsgate, where the exuberant Purple/Gold/Green/Pink/Turquoise combinations can only be the official colours of Harry Truestaff's Party Party. Meanwhile Avery's sea-blue colours are showing heavily in Marshgate, Firethorn's saffron yellow directly competes with Larken Drumm's bottle green in both Avigon and Dracas, while Ma Perignon has paid for extensive burgundy bunting in Faringdon, Arpent, Portsoken and Berewic.

Elsewhere, our doyenne of Law & Order, Aralan "don't mention the witnesses" Derwent was hosting a lavish party at her promises premises in Berewic. Despite several infringements of highway by-laws as the party spilled over into the street, the event passed noisily but without incident. No doubt this was due to the vigilance of the local watch, who made a point of frequently dropping by to check for problems. Her most notable guest was Sheriff Dixon, who took the opportunity to ask local residents some penetrating questions about the history of the Lansdownes, and their possible future. A serious incident at the home of Sheriff Beatrice Perignon has left one Witanmoot Guard dead and several seriously wounded. A band of skilled mercenaries attacked the Sheriff's mansion and, although their attempt on the Sheriff's life was thwarted by the Guard, it is rumoured they managed to escape with a chest full of gold. The dead guard was Corporal Theo, who will be remembered by many for the tours of the city which he was fond of giving to visitors. It is not yet clear which faction ordered the assault and a major investigation has been launched. One of the assassins was captured and has revealed the names of the other assailants. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Gerald Scrogins (previously a Gardener at the Perignon mansion), Jeremia Davison (mercenary last seen at the Broken Drum) or John Varcail, they should contact the Witanmoot immediately.

In the last full Council session of the year, Lady Samantha's Witanmoot budget was voted through be a wide margin with only Harry Truestaff's faction abstaining and Larken Drumm's faction opposing. Objecting, Cllr Drumm described the level of Witanmoot Guard wages as "crap" and added, "It's disgusting. Even labourers get more." Much later in the session Cllr Firethorn rose to read a prepared statement pointing out that the Freshwater project "has been passed by Council and now comes under the democratic control of the Welfare & Education Committee, which will supervise any expenditure and work carried out, and will not employ anybody who deliberately offends the temples by encroaching upon their grounds without permission from the priests concerned." Afterwards Cllr Avery spoke to the Chroniclers and added, "I believe that the rumours linking Firethorn, the Masons and the Dalethian Well are entirely unfounded, and he retains my full support". So that's all right then.

Public Health Notice: It has been brought to our attention that young Elizabeth Dixon (aged 8 and a half) is receiving her first fencing lessons. You have been warned.

Up at the Citadel the nobility have been gathering for the seasonal celebrations and the King's formal Yuletide Court. The theme of the Grande Ball is not yet known, but there are rumours of a closed off courtyard, and several enthusiastic young knights have been organising the delivery of barrels of hot liquid to it. The only other regular source of steam (as opposed to hot air) in the Citadel are the apartments of the Imperial Envoy.

Fans of the theatre, and especially those of the popular comedy 'Please Yourself', are concerned at the prolonged absence of Ms Madelaine Pompette, the leading lady. Ms Pompette was last seen being escorted across the Bridge to the north side of the river, by a number of unknown cloaked gentlemen. Her shoes have since been discovered in a sack under the Shipwrights Steps, along with a transparent eye-patch, a small wooden vole, a pouch of grey powder and three boiled pigeon eggs.


The surprise result of the elections turned out to be the return of Ann Tasker as Alderman of Kingsgate, fighting off a strong challenge by Harry Truestaff which forced the vote to a recount. The result was all the more surprising given the recent orphanage riots. More predictably, Alan Griffiths was returned to his old Aldermanship of Dracas, and Berewic was finally won over by Aralan Derwent, awarding the Aldermanship to a non-Lansdowne for the first time in seventeen years. Ariane Pencric ran a slick campaign to oust the Carpenters' Guildmaster, Nicholas Bowden. And in the absence of any strong challengers, Martin Key secured his hold on the Aldermanship of Levestone. Alice Fytton was returned by Dowgate with one of the widest margins ever recorded for an Alderman, and her new mandate is likely to result in a firmer line against the scum of the Floating Market.

In the full Court of Common Council, the Chroniclers note two surprise retirements. George Bergeren has retired to concentrate on his business, and Grantham Morgan has retired for unstated 'personal' reasons. Barely avoiding a forced retirement was Larken Drumm whose meteoric rise in Witanmoot influence seems not to be reflected in Avigon popularity. This is in sharp contrast to Richard Firethorn, whose lively endeavours seem to have caught public imagination. Less fortunate was Alan Monterey over in Levestone, who failed to win the last handful of votes needed to reach the Council.