The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 140

The Honourable Elrissa Sandelli, envoy from the city of Salvoyn, has called on the guilds of Linrodeth to protect their democracy and hard-won guild charters by joining Salvoyn in a boycott of trade with Cascorach. This unexpected and dramatic call was made at a civic banquet during Kruthos Firstweek, and has increased fears that Cascorach's abolition of guild privileges is the start of a much wider attack on free citizens across the country. Sandelli's after-dinner speech seems to have caught a complacent establishment by surprise, and as yet no official reply has been made by Lord Courtney's offices. Further enquiries by the Chronicle have revealed that the city of Salvoyn has already implemented this scheme, and has been restricting trade to Cascorach from the port for the past half year. While appreciating that the democratic government of a city should be stoutly defended, the chroniclers are wondering why such measures were taken before the Princess' marriage and subsequent reforms?

The run up to the midwinter elections has seen the media machine of the Justice League roll smoothly into action, offering a list of 'approved candidates' for voters from one side of the city to another. Surprisingly perhaps neither Cllr Dixon nor Ms Perignon, those long-standing faction leaders, have offered any alternatives. Ms Perignon refused to comment to the Chronicle and Cllr Dixon has taken to hiring bodyguards. It is a sad reflection on the state of politics today. Perhaps the new year will bring a healthy opposition party to the city, but don't hold your breath.

Aside from the usual bright young things, eager to party their way into the new year, the most persistent socialite this month has been none other than Armundus Septer. Master Septer has been afflicted by illness since the spring, and this month he seems to be determined to emphasise that he is still alive and doing business.

Rumours still surround the erratic relationship between Cllr Olnorth Dexter and Alderman Miranda Andrews. The latest snippet to reach our ears suggests that Miranda is examining the Dexter accounts; but as no announcement has been forthcoming we can only assume that Linrodeth's 'most eligible' bachelor isn't balanced enough for Guildmaster Andrews. (But maybe some asset stripping will come later?)

Late News

The midwinter elections saw a large turnout of citizens still upset by the plague and the rumours of an impending guild charter crisis. Apart from Welland and Cadene, most places saw a large swing of opinion away from the current office holders. Fortunately for them, opinions on alternative candidates remained deeply divided and most aldermen retained their posts with sharply reduced majorities. The only upset was Helen Kreft who, perhaps unsurprisingly, lost her recent appointment and is replaced by a local lass, Melanie Romanie. Elsewhere the ever-popular James Isenbard managed to increase his majority, which perhaps reflects the loss of his old rival Reg Marc from the political scene.

Other newcomers which the Chronicle welcomes to the gladiators arena of the Witanmoot are Cllrs Janice Travers, Neville Vincent, John Madigan, Sue Quinn, Tony Walker, Mary Hastings, Neil Cracknel and Jenny Davy.