The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 139

His Majesty King Edmund is pleased to announce that, following a personal interview, the name of Thomas Castlemaine is to be added to the list of approved suitors permitted to court the Princess Eleanor. Councillor Castlemaine is to be released on the seventh, and the Chroniclers would like to take this opportunity to offer their congratulations to the happy couple. Crowds of well-wishers have already started to gather outside the Princess' apartments in Oldgate in anticipation of a celebration. The Torian Priests wish to point out that the Princess is currently working night shift, and outbreaks of spontaneous singing during daylight are unlikely to be appreciated.

Interviews with the King appear to be popular this month. Following our report last month on the disgraceful necromancy rituals on the edge of Botmoor, Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons has requested an audience. Lord Raphael confirmed that the activities of the Astrologer Royal would be the main subject of discussion.

Olnorth Dexter, Tiliniel Falgar and Malcolm Mowbray are pleased to announce the formation of Linrodeth's first political party: The Justice League. "Our aims are to ensure that justice is seen to be done, and that Law and Order are maintained. We feel that a united stance on these issues would be beneficial to the well-being of the citizenry."

The first action of the new party appears to have been taken by Malcolm Mowbray, who today released the following statement to the Chronicle: "Following the unrest of Kryll against the Vintners, I in my capacity of Guild Treasurer have been investigating the origins of the rumours. It soon became clear to me, as it did to James Isenbard, that someone was behind it – and that this man was Armundus Septer. I believe James' investigations showed the same, however I believe that like me he was unwilling to denounce such an important and well-connected councillor without firm evidence. Fortunately independent investigations by Councillor Perignon have provided this evidence, which I intend to present in a court of law."

While on the subject of Cllr Perignon, can anyone guess the origin of the following limerick, overheard in various taverns around town?

There was a young councillor called Beatrice

Who's faction got up to beer tricks.

They insulted Miranda

Upon the veranda,

And so Beatrice now on a bier rests.

Cllr Perignon, while still under the care in the Torian Temple, stated firmly that she was alive and kicking and looking forward to resuming her duties in the new year.

The Vintners Guildhall in Levestone was packed out this month with the charity ball for Gax's orphanage. The charity made over £20 on entrance fees, and a further £8 in voluntary donations. Gax thanked the many councillors and aldermen for their generosity, saying that he was particularly delighted to see so many carpenters in the audience – and he hoped to be able to put some work their way in the spring. The city has this week been shocked and saddened by the despicable murder of Thomas Castlemaine. The facts, as far as the Chroniclers have been able to discover, are the following;

At midday on seventhday Thomas was released from the Citadel and went home. That evening he was admitted to the Torian Infirmary with severe food poisoning. The following afternoon Duke Alexander moved into a house 50 yards from, and in sight of, Oldgate. At sunset Thomas, now recovered, turned up at Oldgate to serenade the Princess. Before he could start he was accosted by a beautiful, although scantily-clad woman, who had to be forcibly removed by some friends. Unfortunately she took large handfuls of his clothes with her, and Thomas duly retired to repair the damage. In Thomas' absence, the Princess agreed to dine out with Duke Alexander at Mrs Blessop's Carvery. We are reliably informed that the Duke proposed to the Princess at the end of the meal.

On ninthday morning their guild, acting on a tip-off, raided the Castlemaine's house and 'recovered' the sum of £17.10s.6d. As The Guildmaster readily admitted, this sum was rather excessive for lost dues, and on advice from the Hahnite Temple, the charges were subsequently dropped. By the afternoon Thomas had arranged to take the Princess to dine at private rooms at the 'Greengrove' tavern, and had bought a large engagement ring. At sunset he went to Oldgate and started the evening by serenading the Princess. As the first ballad drew to a close Thomas was shot in the back by an unknown assailant. The watching crowd perused a figure, presumed to be the assassin, down into Temple Ward where they lost her. Thomas Castlemaine, meanwhile, died at sunset on the ninth day of Kruthos Firstweek, in the arms of the Princess. Rumour insists that in his last moments he asked her to marry him, and she accepted.

Castlemaine's body is now lying in state in the Temple of Torus just outside Oldgate. Duke Alexander was rescued by a detachment of the Kings Cavalry from an angry crowd surrounding his house, and escorted to the Citadel. His adviser, Baron Tancred Mendoza, was "celebrating" at the Greengrove at the time. Subsequent investigations by a Royal Commission have tracked down and arrested the assassin at a private gambling club known to be frequented by the Baron. Baron Tancred, who had earlier confessed to planting the £17.10s.6d and hiring the woman to embarrass Thomas, was then arrested. At a meeting of King Edmund's Star Chamber, during which the confession of the assassin is believed to have been pivotal, Tancred Mendoza was convicted of the murder of Thomas Castlemaine. Princess Eleanor has sentenced Mendoza to be hung, drawn and quartered within the month.

The Royal Household is currently arranging a State Funeral for Thomas Castlemaine, It will be held at the Temple of Torus on the first day next month. It is understood that all members of the Witanmoot and the Ironmongers Guild have been invited to attend.


In a rather subdued day of elections, two new Aldermen have been elected. The cornmonger, Gemma Downe, replaces the controversial George Bergeren as Alderman of Bassishaw, while in Levestone Malcolm Mowbray replaces his father-in-law as the Alderman. The latter result is believed to be due to a backlash by the locally powerful Vintners Guild against recent attacks; both against the guild itself, and against Cllr Perignon – one of its senior members.