The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 155

News from the south is still awaited, with latest reports speaking of skirmishes between Linrodeth's screening fleet and the Salvoynian forces. Heavy losses have been suffered by the enemy side with little damage to the superior Linrodeth ships. By now our navy should be approaching Salvoyn and we should hear results of the ensuing fight. Prayers for the success of the action, and for the safe return of Linrodeth's fighting forces, are being held in all the major temples.

Her Highness Princess Eleanor of Cascorach has announced the betrothal of Crown Princess Alexis to Prince Gian-Carlo DiLeo of Ravol. Royal watchers have tried to ignore the obvious difficulties of the marriage between a 12 year known for her independence of mind and a 24 year old known primarily for his love of food. Instead they have been keen to point out that whilst Ravol is one of the smaller city states, its strategic position commanding the southern overland access to Salvoyn will make it a vital ally in the fight against the regency council. Debates have already started within the Hahnite Temple as to the possible consequences should King Kieran die before Alexis comes of age, with opinion divided as to whether Prince Gian-Carlo or Princess Eleanor would become the Regent for Alexis. Cllr Thomas Castlemaine, who died for his love of Princess Eleanor, is no doubt turning in his grave.

The scout ship Peregrine has arrived from the north with the shocking news of the abandonment of Nyskilde. The Peregrine was laid up for the winter south of Nyskilde and was tasked with performing a reconnaissance as soon as the weather permitted, and then returning to Linrodeth as fast as possible. The astonished sailors reported that the invading Noord, faced with a long winter and few supplies, have chosen to migrate into the mountain valleys. The population of the old city has dwindled to a few hundred scavengers and a small contingent of Huscarls who are doggedly maintaining control of the castle.

With much of the budget debate being stitched up behind closed doors, the vote on auditing the Treasury and Committee accounts by Princess Selina's accountants, as proposed by Alderman Alan Monterey, provided the most amusement for Witanmoot watchers this month. The motion was as hotly contested as last month's proposal that the accounts be audited by the Goldsmiths, but with the faction lines drawn rather differently. In the end with the vote split at about 130 for each, once again it came down to the decision of the emerging Stenmoor faction. A nervous Jessamine Scathlocke rose to make a competent, well reasoned but somewhat flowery maiden speech on behalf of the faction, expressing their support for the motion which "can only bring goodness".

Despite the somewhat half hearted attempts by Alan Monterey to engage the Witanmoot in a discussion about the level of each guild tax, this year's "back room budget” was passed with little debate. The guilds blocked the long overdue increase in guild taxes once again and have preferred instead to make cuts to the things that affect the citizens but not their profits. Whilst some guilds protested that anomalies brought about various historic events had not been corrected it was clear that the faction leaders were all feeling proud of having actually bothered to think about the budget in advance for a change and no argument, no matter how well-reasoned, was going to disrupt this one.

The marshlands surrounding Linrodeth are unexpectedly blooming with a carpet of tiny white water lilies. The scented flowers have not been seen for many generations and were thought to have died out under the nearby effluence of the city.