The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 149

The City is still recovering from a shock attack upon the Citadel by Princess Selina's forces. Just before dawn on Firstday the entire army, including members of the Witanmoot guard, stormed the fortress and within an hour had control of all except the Great Keep. It is believed that a substantial force still holds the Keep and a second siege is now expected. Reasons for the assault seem to include the Citadel's sinking of the Royal Phoenix and the apparent failure of negotiations over the supply of grain. Cllr Jim Bottler was responsible for the negotiations and played a major part in the taking of the fortress. Under cover of the construction of the new wall, Bottler was able to prepare a causeway across the moat and to sneak Babel and Kinjuru forces through a secret underwater tunnel into the castle. The causeway and the opening of the gate by the floating market troops proved decisive in allowing Selina's forces to overwhelm the Citadel.

Not all of Linrodeth's population seems entirely enamoured with Bottler's decision to betray the Citadel, and the relationship between him and Alderman Monterey is believed to be particularly frayed. Whether the councillors are upset at the betrayal or simply by the fact that they were not in on the secret is unclear. One guild however which does seem to know what it wants is the Brewers and Hostels, who immediately presented Bottler with several barrels of beer to aid celebrations. Their spokesman Bertram Southey has complemented Bottler on his "strenuous and brave efforts in the defence of the city".

The killing by Witanmoot Guard of several members from the entourage of the Ambassador from Salvoyn has been strongly supported by General Olvini. Whilst being careful not to insult Prince Edward or the Ambassador, the General denounced the Salvoynian dead as worshippers of the demon god Azial who had been caught in an attempt to commit a sacrifice upon the Battle of Berewic monument. Witanmoot troops, who have particular experience in dealing with devil worshippers, were waiting in ambush and did not take any prisoners. The Ambassador has claimed that the group was framed by pro-Kieran supporters and has demanded an immediate apology and the execution of Major Aldridge who lead the ambush. General Olvini remains firm in support for his men. Princess Selina has been noticeably quiet on the affair, however Chronicle sources suggest that relationships between her and Olvini are strained at the moment.

Against the backdrop of the assault on the Citadel and the killing of the Salvoynians, the budget debate proved difficult for many faction leaders. A revolt by the, as yet unaligned, commons meant that despite the efforts of nearly all the faction leaders the budget proposals were substantially amended before they were passed. The speech by Marcus Lambourne proved to be the turning point. Whilst personally speaking in favour of the budget, Lambourne's reluctance to excessively fund the wall was picked up by many subsequent speakers. In particular his theme that "the future prosperity of our city cannot be ignored" and that "the wall will not become a bottomless pit, swallowing up the hard earned money of the good people of Linrodeth" gained strong support and resulted in more funding for the Trade budget and the appointment of Lambourne as leader of a financial oversight committee. Lambourne himself seemed surprised by this move and his elevation to a position of leader of the Commons, and the growth of his faction appears to be causing him problems with other factions.

The Temple of Hahn continues to be active this month with detailed planning now taking place over temple support for a great city orphanage. Both the Torians and the Welfare and Education Committee are involved and the Archimandrite has expressed himself well pleased with progress and "the developing relationship between the Temple and the people". The recent reopening of the Temple orders to candidates has also been welcomed. Once again Gax the Heretic has surprised the city by making a speech in support of the Archimandrite's "fair and meritorious selection of candidates"


The Citadel has surrendered! At dawn of Fifthday the entire remaining force marched out of Newgate and departed south over the causeway. The terms of surrender are unknown but Princess Selina is believed to have secured the grain stores and a significant portion of the treasury intact.