The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 141

This year's Springtide celebrations were dampened but not disrupted by the persistent downpour of rain which had the river Ishtar swelling dangerously close to the top of the banks. Although the religious ceremonies were well attended, the re-election of Lord Paston Courtney was a sparsely attended event. No doubt most of the Aldermen assumed that the result was a forgone conclusion, and avoided an unnecessary journey through the torrential rain. In his acceptance speech Lord Courtney warned that the city coffers were still in a poor state, and that despite the rebate from the Citadel this years budget would be very tight. He warned that some of the more ambitious welfare projects may have to be suspended, and would not rule out the possibility of an increase in taxation.

Guimar Perignon's funeral was held late last month, and was a private ceremony attended by family and close friends. The burial was at a small family willow grove to the west of the city. Beatrice Perignon, always a rather remote figure, has since withdrawn even more from public life. She is now in seclusion in the Torian Temple where young Antoine Lansdowne is making a slow but steady recovery from his wound.

Olnorth Dexter's love life seems to have developed complications with the sudden appearance of one Nigel Wimsloe, an old flame of Miranda Andrews. Despite Dexter's reputation as a nifty duellist (almost as dangerous as the Dixons), Craftsman Wimsloe appeared totally undaunted. When the pair met the following day on Wellhouse Green, it was apparent that the two were very evenly matched. A stylish and rapid series of exchanges set the standard for the rest of the duel, and the crowd were kept entertained for all but a period towards the end, when both duellists appeared to be getting their second wind. Eventually an almost imperceptible error from Dexter gave Wimsloe the opening, and a slash along the arm ended Dexter's activities for the day.

Alderman Malcolm Mowbray seems to have suspended his corruption investigations whilst he invests all his time trying to stop his fellow councillors in Levestone from killing each other. Cllr John Madigan of Oldgate commented, " Its about time. The Chairman for Law and Order should put his own Ward in order before nosing into the affairs of others. Levestone is disgrace, the irresponsible councillors of that ward have been running the city for far too long."

Finally, a query for the Astrologer Royal. Since he has been in Cascorach since last year, perhaps one of the Temples would like to verify and/or reply to this missive?

Dear Sir, It has come to my attenshun thro divers divinations that the Astrologer Royale, one Goodgulf by name, has the intenshun of rashionalizing the Calender. How can he change the Way of Things as is Ritten in the stars without changing the Heavunly bodies? Do he intend to work some devillish Majick to re-arrange the Order of Things of Wot the Gods intended? I think we should be be told!

Yours Respecfully, Mab Mugwort (Ms)

P.S. 'Ware the comming of the empty one for he brings tidings of terror to the Red Man. The short shall be long and the shallow suffishunt deep for his undoing!

Well, at least that last part seems to be a clear warning to the Hahnites.